Nights out under the stars

Hordron Edge Stone Circle
Hordron Edge stone circle – a very special place indeed.

What superb weather we’ve had of late, eh? It really has felt like we’ve skipped a season and gone straight in for summer.

Even so, once I set off walking along Stanage Edge a few days ago within in an hour I was slowly fading under the humid sunny skies. It soon dawned on me that not only did I not bring enough food supplies to keep my energy levels up but it was a mistake to discard my water treatment filter thinking I won’t need it. Alas, none of this proved too problematic in the end.

I was surprised to see so many people around on a Monday up in this neck of the woods, too. I reckon a few people must’ve pulled a sickie at work to take advantage of the nice weather. So, for the next few days I walked up and around and along Stanage Edge and it’s nearby moors before finally heading over to Eyam Moor and on back home.

It was a really enjoyable trip out even if the hazy atmosphere conspired against me while I sought vantage points and other scenes to capture on video…

Vaude Bivi 1
The Vaude Bivi 1 I have on test came out with me on this trip. More thoughts
on that soon. I’ve been using it since October 2011.

Stanage Edge
Pictures cannot do Stanage Edge justice. If one word could sum it up to the uninitiated it would be ‘epic’.

Kathmandu Moonraker
A Kathmandu Moonraker down sleeping bag I’ve had on test for a while. I’m
pleased I took it along. Despite the warm days, the clear skies made for very cold
early spring nights. It’s proven to be an excellent fully featured winter sleeping bag too.
Again, more thoughts on this in the future.

Vaude bivi 1
Home Sweet Home!

Vaude Bivi 1
I really enjoyed using the Vaude Bivi on this trip. As a shelter it proved ideal for enjoying nights under the stars on the

Dawn from Stanage Edge looking towards Hathersage and the lower levels of the Derwent Valley. A scene I was in no
rush to leave – a few cups of coffee was enjoyed taking in this delicate and pretty scene.

Wild Camping
The next night I spent on the little visited moors by Hordron Edge. The aim was to capture some pictures and video of
a special ancient place here. One of my favourites in the whole of the Peak District.

Special eh? It’s well worth a visit but as always please afford it the respect it deserves.

Hordron Edge stone circle
The Neolithic stone circle on Hordron Edge was my target for the day. After filming some lovely scenes of the area at
sunset ( and enjoying the scene just as likely our ancient ancestors may have done) I nipped back to the bivouac
for tea and rest. Where soon after I made my way back in the dark to capture some night time scenes.
It’s been a long time I’ve wanted to capture this stone circle at night under a million stars. 

Hordron Edge stone circle
It amazes me such ancient sites survive. They are at the end of the day our modern equivalent of churches and
cathedrals when you think about it. But capturing an image of such places at night has been a goal of mine for some time.
I just think it really evokes something spiritually. A timeless story of countless words in one simple picture.
I’m really pleased with the selection I captured but may go back for more in the future.

View from the Vaude Bivi 1 the next morning – not too bad eh?

Wild Camping
After a long walk, I met up with fellow outdoors blogger Mike aka Half9Mike. A few ales were enjoyed in a nice pub in
Hathersage before we then reluctantly left the place behind and headed up Eyam Moor for the night.

Here’s what I think is a lovely photo that Mike captured of me at work on Eyam Moor. 

And here’s the picture (though I did video too) I was taking of which Mike captured me doing above.
Not long after, we enjoyed some organic cider, conversation and clear starry skies before retiring to bed.

Vaude Bivi 1
“Like piss holes in the snow” springs to mind. My bivvy bed head Mike got on camera the following morning!
After packing up and enjoying some hot drinks we slowly but surely made our way back down for our trains home.
Was a pleasure to meet Mike again and all in all it was a productive trip out. Fabulous!

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