Dawn from Mam Tor

Thought I’d share with you folks some scenes I captured on video a couple of weeks back – dawn from Mam Tor. I’d spent the previous night up there in the Rab Ridge Master Bivi pitching in one of the old hill fort’s ditches.

I slept cosy and warm but woke to find the bivouac caked in thick frost. Packed and ready about 40 minutes before sunrise, I wandered about nearby seeking a nice vantage point looking to the Hope Valley below. As the sun rose and came into view the whole world light up in a fantastic orange and pink glow – it was certainly one of those moments that takes your breath away and one I never ever tire of.

Even so, I screwed up a little while filming the scenes. You won’t be able to make it out on this YouTube clip, but without paying attention to my camera, I didn’t realise some shots were out of focus or I had set the ‘ISO’ or ‘gain’ if you like too high and consequently some shots have that awful grain you get under such circumstances.

It wasn’t all bad though. But more of that in a future video….


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