Busy times ahead….(a couple of videos)

Vango Force 10 Helium 100 2012
Vango Force 10 Helium 100 tent – video coming soon.

Things may get a little quiet from me on here (again!) this month. It’s really down to the fact I’m really quite busy with my work which involves me being away for quite some time.

Saying that I’m really excited about a couple of projects I’m working on to be completed by the end of this month. One of them is a commission to produce a promotional video for Vango featuring their Force 10 Helium tent. I’ll be submitting a review of it in the next few weeks but I’ll have to admit it’s turned out to be a cracking affordable solo lightweight tent.

Even so, it’s not without it’s faults as with all tents/shelters but in the main I’ve been really impressed with it. It’s certainly a shelter those who are new to outdoor pursuits and wish to take up camping out on the hills should consider.

Alas, I’m currently working on a short video featuring the shelter of which you can see a short clip below. I’m off to Great Langdale in the Lake District this week for a few days to film the Helium 100 in action on the fells and intend to show all it’s features and even how easy it is to pitch.

I’m planning on injecting a bit more into this feature than you normally get in ‘gear videos’. I hope to make it engaging and informative but more than anything inspiring. The latter is something that drives me on and on with my work. I think it’s important to show people who are ignorant or new to the great outdoors what’s out there. It’s free. It’s beautiful – whatever the weather! It’s here on their doorstep and through the medium I work in  I hope they find it compelling and wish to strap on some boots and get out there!

So, I’ll endeavour to feature all that’s mesmerising in the Langdale Valley and throw a sense of adventure into the video too. My idea is that viewers may be inspired to head outdoors and seeing kit such as the Helium 100 in action and what it’s all about may encourage them to give it a go – something many of us outdoorsy folk take for granted.

On a slight tangent, you might like to take a look at another video I’ve put together below. It’s a short feature showcasing some scenes of the Peak District National Park which will be shown at a business tourism conference in Buxton tomorrow (9th May). Hopefully this too will motivate businesses to be proud and promote this beautifully diverse and easily accessible national park to the masses.  After all, given the current economic climate it’s an opportunity to show the public at large what’s here in good old Blighty.

Too often on my travels I meet international visitors who know more about the UK and it’s landscapes than most ordinary Brits you bump into on the street. Heck! You may have some in your immediate social circles at home. I certainly do. “Is that the Alps?” “NO! It’s here in the UK!” And I think it’s a crime it’s come to this given how society and education has changed over the years. This in itself is for another conversation but again it’s something I’ve always been very passionate about.

It’s not that I want to see our wonderful landscapes over run with tourists – far from it. Such things can be easily managed with foresight. But again it’s the joys of being out in the fresh air, taking in what nature has to offer.

I bet most folk can honestly say they hardly notice the changing of the seasons – those who live in urban areas at least anyway. We’ve become more and more alienated to the countryside over the past few decades to such a point some kids don’t even know what certain wildlife look like. Even some who do visit our national parks for holidays are always taken aback by how dark these places are at night and how many stars they can see in the sky.

One of many signs of the times of which I really do believe we should consequently promote more of the great outdoors. After all, it’s not only good for awareness, or even enlightenment but for peoples souls too.

Sometimes I wish I could force some of our country’s politicians to spend some considerable time out on the hills in all weathers and seasons. Such an act I’d no doubt would bring some equilibrium to their lives, bring new perspectives to their place and all of ours in the country and the world at large.

It’s all well and good with some publicising the supposed benefits of wind farms for green energy – but do they not realise the consequent damage they can cause on an aesthetic level, never mind natural to the environments they so bullishly continue to invade? ie, our countryside!

Anyway, enough of my waffle. I can rant on here another time in the future.

Fingers crossed I’ve chosen the right time to head off to the Lake District and capture the landscape and the tent in some favourable weather conditions….


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