VIDEO – Force Ten Helium 100

Wild camping with the Vango Helium 100, Lake District National Park
This scene as nice as it is didn’t make the final cut in the video below. A camp in the Langdale Valley, Lake District.

The above picture says it all really. Taken from the flanks of Pike O Blisco last Saturday in the Lake District National Park it shows a scene I was filming of my friend using the Force Ten Helium 100 tent. Why?

Well, I’d been approached to produce a short promotional video featuring this new shelter from Vango/Force 10 and you can view the end result below.

Before hitting play, I’d like to forewarn some that it may not be to their taste. Yes, it’s quick and pacey. Yes, the music may be a little dramatic. But that was all intentional. I wanted to create something uplifting and youthful for a modern audience. My intention was to put my stamp on it featuring dramatic and inspiring scenes of the Lakeland landscape. To inspire those new to outdoor activities and show what they can do in such places along with all the usual expected sequences one often sees with such videos.

I was also mindful of the fact being a backpacker that some people would like to see some details of the tent, gauge an idea of it’s size and shape. So, I wanted to include a young gentleman (my friend Stuart) to help achieve a little of such scenes.

There’s more I would’ve liked to have included – for example a silhouette of Stuart and the tent on a summit at sunset with the mountains looming all around – alas, the weather decided to not play ball and of course I have time and costs to consider.

All said and done, I think it’s pretty effective (even if I’m biased of course!) and hope it shows not only the featured product reasonably well but also inspire others to take up this hobby many of us enjoy in the great outdoors….

*Note: This video is free to share or embed on your website. It will also be available to retailers via AMG –  for display purposes in store.


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