Balmy nights on the hills and filming for Karrimor

Crikey! The weather aint half been funny in recent months, eh? Only the other week it was windswept with snow in places and now it’s like the height of summer!

I’ve just got back from a quick trip filming in the Peak District National Park where I enjoyed a wonderful balmy evening on Axe Edge Moor. I was there to hook up with Dean Read from Peak Routes who has volunteered to be a model in a series of videos I’m producing for Karrimor featuring new flagship products for 2012 (short clip of one above).

These include new footwear, rucksacks and waterproofs. All top spec too. I’m particularly impressed with a couple of the new packs and an eVent waterproof jacket. Essentially, what’s been happening for the past year or so is Karrimor have slowly and surely put together a new design team to concentrate on bringing back a level of respect the brand used to have in times gone by (I’m too young to recall such days). In the coming months we’ll see more and more of this outdoor equipment being launched.

It’s nice to see such a British icon of the outdoors endeavouring to re-launch themselves and produce ( based on what I’ve seen so far) some really respectable kit.

Anyway, I must attend to my somewhat sunburnt arms and face and get down to some work. Here’s a few pictures from my latest outing….

Karrimor X Lite 45+10
Sample on test – Karrimor X Lite 45+10, pack weighs a smidge over 1.3kg

Terra Nova Competition Tarp 1
I decided to ditch the flying diamond pitch and went for a lean to in the end as the
weather was so nice.

Terra Nova Competition Tarp 1 on Axe Edge Moor
Balmy evenings and relaxing at camp.

Axe Edge Moor sunset with the Terra Nova Competition Tarp 1
It wasn’t a fab sunset by any standard due to thick mist and cloud on the western horizon. Alas, this transpired to be a
blessing in disguise the following day.

Night time pitch with the Terra Nova Competition Tarp 1 on Axe Edge Moor
All alone on the empty moor.

Dawn from Axe Edge moor
The following morning brought a lovely temperature inversion.
Chrome Hill from Axe Edge moor
Slowly the cloud began to dissipate.

Wild camp on Axe Edge moor, Peak District National Park
The inversion was icing on the cake from a cracking night spent on the moor.

Peak Routes, Dean Read modelling the Karrimor eVent jacket
Dean Read from Peak Routes modelling the Karrimor Elite eVent jacket during filming.


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