Terra Nova Equipment Likes To Listen

Terra Nova Solar Competition 2 tent, wild camping
Small hill, nice views with the Terra Nova Solar Competition 2.

A press release from Terra Nova landed in my inbox this afternoon and I’d thought I’d share it here with you here dear readers.

Often I get emails from folk putting forward suggestions when it comes to Terra Nova (amongst others) gear and whether I’d forward it on to them – which I usually do. They’re a great bunch passionate about the outdoors and what they do and always keen to hear feedback to further improve their products.

Well, have a gander at the press release below and if you ever feel the need to get in touch with them, you can!

Terra Nova Equipment Likes To Listen
Designers at Terra Nova Equipment are always keen to listen to feedback from their customers in order to improve their products. The award winning range of Laser tents has evolved based on consumer suggestions, resulting in the best range of backpacking and adventure racing tents the company has ever produced.   Improvements to the range include:
1. Folding Poles
To reduce pack length, the Carbon Fibre end poles fold into two parts for the Laser Ultra 1Laser Photon 1Laser Photon 2Laser Competition 1Laser Competition 2. This means these tents now sit neatly inside smaller packs, cycle and motorbike panniers.
Carbon Fibre Poles
2. Innovative Ventilation
There are already various ways of ventilating tents in the Laser range, but designers have added extra options. A lighter, simpler version of the innovative system currently used at each end of the Laser Competition 2 has been included in other models. The elastic and toggle roll up system, shown below, allows a huge amount of extra ventilation without compromising poor weather performance or weight. This applies to the following models: Laser Ultra 1Laser Photon 1Laser Photon 2Laser Competition 1.
3. Extra Guy Points
As more and more people are pushing the boundaries of use for the Laser models, two extra guy points have been added to the ends of Laser Photon 1Laser Photon 2 and Laser Competition 1. The guy points which are already specified on the Laser Competition 2, allow the user to get an even better pitch in poor weather. Note extra pegs and guyline are required.  
Extra Guy Points
If you have any other ideas on how Terra Nova can improve its product range you can send your ideas and feedback to info@terra-nova.co.uk

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