VIDEO – Karrimor: Built Different

On and off for the past month I’ve been working on a series of videos for Karrimor. You may or may not have noticed in the outdoor media how they’re making a bit of a comeback as a brand. There’s some real nice top spec kit coming out from them in the months ahead and a couple that are out now (some of which you’ll see in the video). And very affordable too!

Anyway, here’s the first of three videos I’ve been working on for them (all filmed in the Peak District National Park). Consider it a promotional video for who they are as a brand and what you can do with their gear. There’s no technical activities in it per se because I wanted to be able to encourage people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be inspired by outdoor activities.
I’ve tried to make it upbeat and youthful in style but not at the expense of some classic walking scenery that I’m very much used to filming. After all, it’s our landscapes that do the talking and gear in itself is just a means to head on out there and enjoy it.

I’d like to thank Dean Read from Peak Routes for kindly volunteering to be my slave model for the video. He was an absolute star. He did as he was told and never complained once (joke!). He was kitted out head to toe with Karrimor gear. Footwear, trousers, tops, sleeping bag, tent – you name it.


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