Z for lite?

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Lite
Hmmmm…..what do we have here?

Popped to the edge of a sunny Peak District today to have a gander at Terra Nova’s new product range for 2013. The team based in Alfreton have had a knack for revealing pleasant surprises over the years and today’s soft launch was no exception.

The big buzz concerned what’s available next spring from the company’s Wild Country brand of gear. More of which I’ll speak about in the coming weeks ahead.

Anyway, here’s a press release from Terra Nova concerning the revamped Wild Country products….

Wild Country Tents Targets New Customers
With Major Range Redevelopment For 2013
Terra Nova Equipment has given its Wild Country tent range a major overhaul as part of a strategy to make the trusted brand more accessible to consumers looking forgood quality tents.
The redeveloped range has a wider range of styles in sectors that Wild Country has previously had a limited offering. It also includes for the first time, tents at price points that will appeal to more budget conscious campers. The development comes at a time when many people are ‘feeling the pinch’ in the current economic climate.
With prices starting at under £100 and 15 new models on offer, this really does make the brand more available to a wider range of consumers and groups.
Andy Utting, Managing Director said’ We have focused development on the Wild Country range, after putting more recent efforts into the Terra Nova brand. Wild Country benefits from the filtering down of Terra Nova technical knowledge and enables people to buy into that heritage and expertise in a more affordable way.’

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