Feature Post – Gearing up for Adventures outside the City

Great End, Lake District National Park
The view east from Great End, Lake District National Park.

If, like most, you are a city person born and bred, you may find it a bit daunting to get out there and enjoy the wild, especially if you’re thinking it’s all insects, soggy trails and mega steep slopes. But rambling the British countryside is much more than that – a lifestyle on its own for some. With the right equipment and hiking company, you will soon come to love the midges, the soggy mud and the precipitous climbs, along with the fresh air, secret viewpoints and lifetime memories.

The UK has a range of hidden territories to introduce to us ‘office natives’ but there are also the popular trails in places like the Lake District, along Hadrian’s Wall or the through the Saddle in the Highlands. You can go camping in awesome locations like Beacon Cottage on the north coast of Cornwall, or Bloomsbury’s in Kent (a more quirky campsite), or if you are taking the family – Burnbake in Dorset might be the choice for you.

Wherever you go, life outside the city boundaries can offer a wealth of exciting experiences…if you have the right gear. To start with you need a solid pair of boots, some durable outdoor clothing and a versatile rucksack.

The best thing to do is to learn from the more experienced ramblers among us – follow a hiking partner on your first trip and trust their guidance on preparing for the excursion too. Knowing which brand to choose from the abundance of outdoor jackets available online, can save you a lot of trouble and take you a long way.

One of the best North Face Jackets for example, is three-in-one, making it great for any day of the year and for any kind of outdoor trip. When you choose your gear you should take into consideration its functionality – it needs to be as versatile as the British weather – useful for rainy, snowy and windy days but also light enough to carry in the sun.

If you keep in mind the climate and terrain on your trip then choosing the right socks, pants, shirt and jacket will be easy.

Also, having a GPS, a map or a compass with you as part of your kit, will enhance the adventure (and make it easier). It’s possible to get lost even in very small patches of forest!

Whatever you choose to do (camping, winter sports or hiking), be sure to make it a relaxing experience. That is why you left the city in the first place after all – to enjoy the untamed British countryside at its best and completely detach from urban life.



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