Hordron Edge stone circle – a place that lingers in my mind

Hordron Edge stone circle, Peak District National Park
Hordron Edge stone circle at dawn today. Beautiful!

Well, I could go on about how wonderful it was to be in the great outdoors for the past few days. How I got attacked relentlessly by midges, stung by ants, sat in my tent for a whole day due to it pissing it down with rain. But I won’t.

I’ll let some pictures and a video do the talking instead. Because quite frankly I’m absolutely shattered. This wee trip was a consequence of a pet project I’ve had in mind for quite some time. But I’ll talk about that another day (it involved me spending much of one night working).

What I will say before signing off, stuffing my tired body silly with junk food and then crawling up my stairs to bed for some much needed sleep is this….

I just spent 4 days around one location in the Peak District. No mileage was involved except for getting to my desired locale. That’s it.

During those 4 long days (and they did feel very long at times) I had somewhat of a revelation. I got to enjoy a favourite area of mine and see it’s ever changing moods continuously with not a wander anywhere else (except the pub yesterday afternoon and even then that was for only a couple of hours anyway). I feel like the place has become a part of me – yes, that sounds daft and airy fairy but I mean it!

field mouse, Moscar Moor, Peak District National Park
Cute field mouse. I crawled along the ground on my stomach to get this shot.

I feel I know every blade of grass, where all the sheep tracks lead, which rock lies where and more importantly that there’s no hiding from the dreaded midge! It’s all really rather peculiar. Because at times I wished I was somewhere else. Back home mostly.

But then there were moments when I was buzzing as high as a kite at some spectacular view that had unexpectedly revealed itself through a storm or giddy as a schoolboy as I crawled ever closer to local wildlife capturing them on camera.

Leveret, baby mountain hare, Moscar Moor, Peak District National Park
I was stood mooching taking in the scenery when I heard a rustle in the grass nearby. A leveret!

Hordron Edge stone circle is a wee hidden gem of the Peak District and often overlooked despite it’s close proximity to a nearby main road and the famous Stanage Edge. I always enjoy coming here and taking in it’s history and fine views. But always struggled to do the place justice on video. So, for this trip I wanted to put that wrong to right and thankfully I think I’ve cracked it.

Not only did spending so much time round there enable me to absorb it’s atmosphere and intimate details more but it also afforded me the chance to admire the many facets of it’s character. Which is why I feel today that this ancient site has become a part of me. And looking through the video footage I’ve captured I also believe it’s certainly given me the insight to show you all how wonderful and special this stone circle really is.

Hordron Edge stone circle at night, Peak District National Park
One night was spent capturing scenes like this on video. I only got about 2 hours sleep in the end!

It’s certainly made me think about doing the same elsewhere. Literally spending a few days (not hours or evenings) in one location to get under it’s skin and bring it to life on video.

Anyway, enough of that sentimental twaddle (funny how a tired mind can affect a person) here’s some video…..


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