One night wonder – an evening spent on Carnedd y Cribau

Wild camping, Snowdonia
A helluva view from Carnedd y Cribau

Friday involved a quick one night trip to Snowdonia for a video I’m working on with Dean from Peak Routes and Stuart a long time best friend. And what followed was one of the best ever wild camps I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

We didn’t walk too far but the ground was extremely rough and hard going on much of our plod up to the summit of Carnedd y Cribau – a hill I’ve always suspected of affording epic views of the surrounding landscape and one I hoped to capture on video.

It did not disappoint.

What appears to be open ground made up of the usual grass pastures that sheep like to frequent soon transpired to be otherwise. It was boggy as hell, tussocks constantly endeavoured to twist each and every step you made and furthermore, unseen rock of various types were thrown into the mix as well. Even so the effort involved reaching the summit of Carnedd y Cribau was worth every single drop of sweat.

The views from this modest hill were absolutely awesome. Epic, in fact. Be it to any point of the compass you could choose.

Most of all, it afforded a ringside seat special of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) that I think is even better than the one that can be had on Moel Siabod which isn’t too far away to the east. The visibility was superb despite a lingering haze that followed us on our journey into Wales for much of the day and it was nice to see over to the Rhinogs, Cadair Idris and much more.

Despite the fact I felt like I spent most of my time enjoying the scenery and atmosphere of this hill which is full of character (it’s not just your usual grassy knoll) through a viewfinder – it’s atmosphere and ever changing perspectives never ceased to overwhelm me. No amount of superlatives can ever describe my love for the fine country and peoples that make up Wales – and this day only compounded a long lost love I’ve felt for quite some time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of the landscape. I adore much of the British countryside. But every one of us has a soft spot for somewhere in particular. And mine is not only Snowdonia but much of Wales, in fact. For me it has everything.

A coastline that rivals anywhere I’ve had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes, a rich history that’s clearly visible (sometimes sadly – and I’m thinking of the mines that have raped some of the mountains) and people that I’ve always found to be kindred to me in their attitudes. If you’ve never been to Wales – do go visit.

But if I could pass on a little advice – endeavour as you always should when visiting any country – afford it the respect it deserves. In particular, do try to understand and pronounce Welsh place names. Especially in North Wales. It will go a long way in the eyes of the locals – or at least it always has in my experience. Besides, learning such things only opens one’s eyes to other cultures and sensibilities. Which is a good thing! I recall hiking in France a year or so ago and even though it was clear to see I was English and my attempts at speaking the local lingo was awful – it meant a great deal to the French. Consequently, they were only to happy to help me as and when or if I required it.

All said and done, it may have been a “one night wonder” – but that last word pretty much sums up what the three of us experienced. A top drawer wild camp with a helluva view that money could never buy….

Carnedd y Cribau, wild camp
Dean and Stuart taken in the fine views from the summit of Carnedd y Cribau

Wild camping, Carnedd y Cribau
Not just a grassy summit, Carnedd y Cribau has much character to offer.

Terra Nova Solar Competition 2 tent
My tent of choice for the night – Terra Nova Solar Competition 2.

Geigerrig hydration summit, wild camping
Not a bad room with a view, eh? Yr Wyddfa in the distance.

wild camping
Dean chose to use the Wild Country Zephyros for the night – against a fine backdrop.

Vaude Ice Peak 150
A Vaude Ice Peak 150 down bag I’ve had on test for a while.

Wild camp, Wales
I was surprised to see purple heather creeping in up on the tops.

Yr Wyddfa, dawn
Dawn light kisses Yr Wyddfa the following morning.


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