A camp under an oak tree

Robin, Padley Gorge, Peak District National Park
A wee Robin I captured on camera with a new telephoto lens I’ve recently purchased.

Last weekend me and fellow blogger Jake Lunniss popped over to the Peak District. The good fella had volunteered to be a model for a photoshoot I needed to do featuring a tent.

I’ve captured some scenes already featuring one of Vango’s new tents for 2013 but on this visit I was hoping to create something a little out of the ordinary for such photos.

Padley Gorge and it’s surrounding area including Bolehill Quarry is jam packed with scenic delights all the while draped with beautiful woodland.

After popping to a local hotel for a pint or two we made our way under grey skies to the Longshaw Estate to seek a picturesque spot to camp for the night. I was hoping we’d chance upon a lovely old oak tree to position the tent under at night. With a large number of LED’s, I intended to create a ‘fairytale’ scene of a camp in the woods – with trees and branches carefully glowing in the dark. The shelter is primarily for low-level camping anyway, but I still wanted to come up with some a little exciting.

Thankfully, we found a secluded spot after much wandering around of which I annoyed Jake slightly due to me being quite picky for the scene I had in mind.

I’ve not really explored Bolehill Quarry before and I have to admit it’s a hidden wee gem. It’s very pretty and rich in wildlife and a quite haven for climbers too.

The weather had been kind to us despite the forecasts, and all in all it was a productive trip. It was an absolute pleasure to head for the land of nod at night with the sound of owls screeching in amongst the trees and was a joy to wake to birdsong with a gentle breeze billowing that fresh morning air around my camp at 5am.

Peak District National Park
View over to the Hope Valley – the rain soon followed us on our walk on the moors above Bolehill Quarry.

Bolehill Quarry, Peak District National Park
Rather a difficult climb, I’d say.

Bolehill Quarry, Peak District
A hidden haven for climbers – Bolehill Quarry.

Peak District camping
Jake shelters under his umbrella as we observe climbers on the cliffs below. If memory serves me right, Bolehill Quarry
was created to help build the Ladybower and Derwent dams nearby.

Rab Pulse jacket
The Rab Pulse jacket I have on test got to see some action once the skies opened.

Padley Gorge, Peak District National Park
Jake plays around with his new toy – a DSLR.

Wild camping, Peak District.
Time for a bit of dinner as the sun finally sets for the night.

Wild camping, oak tree
Eventually, I set to work on the shots I wanted. Unfortunately I’m unable to share them publicly for now.
But here’s a glimpse of what I was aiming for. I wanted to create an ethereal scene to the camping photos.
Carefully positioning lights enabled me to achieve this effect as a backdrop with an oak and birch tree.

Wild camping, Padley Gorge
A heavily cropped (so may appear grainy) of one picture I took of Jake at camp. It took time to achieve but the final
results were spot on.


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