Radio silence

French Alps
This lovely picture appears courtesy of blogger Davy WA – you can read his recent trip report to Chamonix HERE

Things will be quiet on here for the rest of the month. I’m heading off to the French Alps for 8 nights (not including the drive there and back!) on a video and photo assignment with Force Ten. I’ve never set foot round this part of France before and am really looking forward to the work involved.

We’ll be camping out at altitude for a few nights, hitting the snow, visiting glaciers and all sorts. No doubt upon my return it will feel like I never visited the place, as I’ll be spending most of my time sweating like a racehorse lugging all my necessary kit about while peeping through a viewfinder!

Of course I do hope this won’t be the case, but it often is to a large extent.

Before I shoot off, I’d like to remind those who are coming along to the backpackers ‘Peak Meet’ at the end of August to not bother contacting me for details on the event (as obviously I won’t be around) – so could folk get in touch with Dave Mycroft at My Outdoors HERE.

Thankfully Dave will be keeping track of numbers and is there to help or advise folk and will have more information on what to expect.

Other than that, I’ll speak to you all on here soon! In the meantime, if you’re a Twitter user keep an eye on my feed as I will be ‘tweeting’ pictures and thoughts while I’m out and about in the Alps. The weather’s looking good for the duration of our visit so I have high hopes of capturing some nice scenes.

Ta ta for now!


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