Back from the French Alps with love

French Alps, Force Ten
A fine early morning view of the Alps from near Pointe Helbronner.

I’m now back in good ole Blighty from my trip with Force Ten to the French Alps. This morning I’ve been busy reviewing all the photos and video I captured for them while out in the mountains and valleys around Chamonix.

It’s been a helluva an adventure of which I’ll share with you at some point this coming week. I’ve been car sick, sea sick, cable car sick and altitude sick. As the week wore on all such irritations subsided, though the thin air on the mountains was something that could never be remedied of course (highest we reached was 12,194 feet I believe).

In the meantime, here’s a few pictures to whet the appetite….

NB: The following pictures were captured on a DSLR and a compact camera

Lac Blanc view, French Alps
Three of the team admire the view from near Lac Blanc.
Chamonix and Mont Blanc massif
The town of Chamonix and Mont Blanc massif.
Relaxing in the sun, French Alps, Chamonix
I take a break in the sun.
Hiking in the French Alps
A superb view from a location we chose for one of the photo and video shoots.
French Alps hiking, Force Ten
I can’t recall what these hills are called – but it made for a superb view camping one evening!
French Alps, Chamonix
The sunset at my chosen camp wasn’t too bad either.
Glacier, French Alps hiking
The glaciers that dot about the Mont Blanc massif were truly a sight to behold.
terrybnd, French Alps hiking
Though the thin air at times made it difficult for me to think properly while working – it was still a pleasure to capture on camera.
Alpine Mountain
The trip involved lots of early starts to capture the mountains looking at their best.
Italian border, French Alps hiking
We spent a lot of time exploring the Mont Blanc massif – here’s a peep into Italy early one morning.
Force Ten
Lunch on the hill – a Wayfarer Chicken Jalfrezi in fact!
I’d like to thank the two Robs and Daniela from Force Ten for enjoyable company and an amazing trip. I’d also like to thank Neil Hitchings our local guide for two of the days we were there. Furthermore, I wish to thank them all for putting up with my general mood swings while working which were at times testing conditions for me (and no doubt them!) and for my general child-like wanderings with my camera in hand.

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