TGO awards 2012 nominations – Shock! Horror! I’ve been nominated (and some friends too!)

TGO Awards 2012 nominations
TGO Awards 2012

Bit of a shocker this. TGO Magazine have drummed up the “TGO Awards 2012” and have a selection of categories one can vote their favourite in.

I got an email about a week or so ago from a gentleman based in their offices asking me for my contact details (after enquiring others initially elsewhere online, so I guess now the following was meant as a surprise). I got back in touch thinking something dodgy was going on and consequently received an answer but no explanation as to why the need to get in touch.

Well, it turns out after some public nominations and a panel of judges who decided on the final voting selection, your’s truly – has been nominated for ‘Outdoors Personality of the Year’!

Don’t laugh, or spit your tea or wine out over your PC or smartphone! I’m dead serious. I’m as flabbergasted as the next person – more so considering the company I’m in within the category I’ve been nominated.

In truth, I’m actually quite overwhelmed to have been selected. I don’t know why per se (and that’s not an excuse for those to now comment on why for an ego trip – if any do comment of course!). I’m not the funniest outdoors blogger in the virtual world, or do I post the most in-depth and most meaningful of posts. I’ll have a rant now and again (though I like to think I’m fair and constructive). In fact, I can’t think why I’ve been held to be in such esteemed company.

I have to watch my language as I type this (being the polite gentleman I am – or at least try to be as my wife will happily tell you!) but I’m truly and deeply humbled. I don’t know why, I just am.

All I know is, it’s now down to the general public to vote – and I’m up against the likes of (get ready for this), Leo Houlding, Sir Chris Bonnington and Bear Grylls! Eh??? It’s crazy!

The awards ceremony where the winners in each category will be announced is to be held in a pub in Kendal on Wednesday 14th November. So, I best make sure my diary is clear, eh? I’m looking forward to meeting whoever else will be there – that will be the big joy for me.

And it’s worth noting that Alan Sloman will be attending too as he’s nominated for ‘Environmental or access initiative of the year’. If you have never come across Alan’s blog – well do (HERE). He’s a fantastic writer, engaging, funny and very informative. Particularly so when it comes to wind farms and our countryside. I don’t always agree with him, but the charming bugger has a way of winning you over to his side of the argument – and maybe for some, pushes them in the opposite direction. But I like his blog and admire his tenacity when it comes to the whole wind farms debacle (there’s a clue to what I personally think right there!). He’s worth your vote!

And then there’s another wonderful chap who’s literally just returned from hiking the Appalachian Trail in the United States – Keith Foskett (Blog HERE). Who’s most recent book “The Last Englishman” is up for ‘Outdoor Book of the Year’. It’s a good read and I have the book sat right by me on my desk now as I type. I look forward to his next one.

I have to say it’s nice to see the Kirkstile Inn, based at the foot of Melbreak in the Lake District National Park listed as a nominee for pubs. I’ve been banging on about this establishment for years. It is in my opinion the best pub in the whole of Lakeland by a long mile. The prices are favourable, the food is excellent and at a great price compared to what you’s normally pay elsewhere (cooked and prepared fresh that day on the premises, and locally sourced too!), has a micro-brewery (though that’s now situated elsewhere in the Lakes due to successful expansion and not right by the pub) and is located in a fantastic location. Beautiful and away from the masses.

So, there you go….waffle over. If you’re interested in voting you can click on the icon to the top right of this blog page (always good for my work that!) or HERE….


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