Video: Karrimor Rucksacks – and which one I’ve found to be my favourite

So, there you go. Another wee video I produced for Karrimor with the help of kind volunteer Dean Read from Peak Routes.

Keep an eye on his excellent blog as he’ll be reviewing much of the brands new kit that’s out soon or in the shops now. Most of the kit is pretty good for the money in truth. Though there are a couple of eye-catching pieces of ‘technical’ gear that’s worth more than a second look.

Most of you will probably be aware of Karrimor’s excellent and fantastic value eVent jacket  – the Elite Alpiniste. A superb bit of kit that can be had for around £70! You can’t go wrong with that. Check out Dean’s thoughts on it in the previous linky.

Karrimor X-Lite 45+10 rucksack, wild camping
The X-Lite came out with me only the other weekend for a couple of nights bivvying.

As for me? Well, I chose to try out a few bits and bobs but seeing as we’re on the subject of rucksacks with the video above do keep an eye out for the X-Lite 45+10 rucksack. Admittedly this new bit of kit is a sample but it’s pretty much a final production model.

It weighs around 1.3kg and genuinely is a comfortable 45+10 litre pack. Not blinking bad, eh? It’s of a clean and simple design but not without some handy bells and whistles. The lid has a security pocket, enough room in the top for quick to hand odds and ends, and fastens with one large clip over the front.

The main compartment can be separated inside with quick access via a zip along the bottom. You’ll find generous hip-belt pockets, all your usual adjustable straps and stretch side pockets.

Karrimor X-lite 45+10 rucksack
Nice hip belt pockets, stretch side pockets, comfy back system too.

My favourite part of the pack is it’s quick to access front zipped pouch. Initially you think there’s only enough room for storing a map – but upon closer inspection, you feel like you’re slipping your hand inside and reaching deep into the chasm of a bag that Mary Poppins would be proud of.

It’s got great volume but thankfully it’s not too deep in that you’ll only stuff more and more of your stuff inside and end up inadvertently weighing your rucksack away from your back – and thus pulling more on your shoulders. Nope, it’s just about right and I really like the feature.

All in all it’s proven durable (even though it’s a sample) and extremely comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are not too wide or narrow and don’t dig deep into your shoulders. The hip belt hugs your waist like a measuring tape and the mesh panelling works to good effect.

Wild camping, tarp. X-Lite 45+10 Karrimor rucksack
X-Lite in use during a weekends ‘tarping’ a few months ago.

Indeed, it’s an impressive rucksack for the volume and weight and looks ‘cool’ too – no doubt it will be had for a silly price in the shops soon.

It’s nice to see Karrimor coming out with decent and well thought through kit like this and I do hope it continues. Given the reputation the company has sadly earned in recent years, they don’t half have a job on their hands in some folks eyes. Even so, both the X-Lite 45+10 and the eVent Elite Alpiniste are seriously worth considering. And to think you can likely own both for a damn good price.


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