Autumn’s end

Stanage Edge, Peak District National Park
Matt and Marion take a stroll on Stanage Edge.

I headed out to the Peak District on Saturday and I have to say it was a blinkin’ nice day out. I hooked up with Matt and Marion Brown who kindly volunteered to act as models in a photoshoot I had to do in the area.

Looking along Stanage Edge admiring autumnal colours in biting cold winds, it made me think about the coming months ahead. Winter. My favourite time of year to huff and puff while lifting a pack onto your back, and placing one foot carefully in front of the other striding out onto frozen moors and snow clad mountains.

Interestingly, quite a few long term weather models are forecasting a long, dry and cold winter – as opposed to the long, mild and wet one like last year. Good news for those of us who enjoy calm sunny days on wintry hills.

In recent months I’ve noticed Mother Nature’s signs suggesting a hard winter is looking likely. Obviously, this isn’t something to rely on but it does tell a wee story of times ahead.

We’ll see how it pans out anyway. I for one can’t wait…..


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