Kickstarter project: A short film ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
With your help, this film could go into production January 2013. Photograph by Chris Townsend.

A few months ago, I decided the time was right for me to push on with the idea of producing my first professional feature video. Ever since I was made redundant nearly 2 years ago (where the hell has the time gone?!) I’ve always dreamt of a time I could take my work to the next level and put together a short film featuring the Great British Outdoors.

I’ve quite the collection on DVD in my study; features promoting the Lake District and Scotland and so on. They’re all lovely but I always felt frustrated that they didn’t really show the true splendour of such places. And in a way, it’s this hunger that’s put me where I am today with my work – a place I never ever take for granted and am truly humbled by.

Despite the miserable summer we’ve had, I’ve been quite the busy bee behind-the-scenes working on a number of videos and photo shoots for various clients – much of which doesn’t go public until next year. Even so, whenever I had the time I began putting some plans into action.

It was during the planning stages of another project that I came into contact with renowned backpacker, writer and photographer Chris Townsend. I asked Chris if he were able to feature in a video and talk about the subject of backpacking and it’s as a consequence of that initial conversation that has lead us to partner up on the following project.

However we need your help to get it off the ground.

We’re hoping you, dear reader, will kindly pledge some funds towards the project in exchange for gifts, thus enabling me and Chris to put together what we think will be a beautiful film about a very special place that is close to his heart.

The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’ will be a 45-60min short film featuring some of Chris’ favourite walks and sights in the UK’s largest national park. I’m planning on filming what kit Chris takes with him on winter camps and why as well as revealing quieter and more thoughtful moments of his time spent in these hills.

In effect a cinematic documentary, which I believe will compliment the landscape we’ll be featuring.

And of course, I’ll be spending a lot of time out hiking and wild camping capturing this national park at it’s very best in the winter. No doubt it will be hard work and I’ll be stuck in a tent for hours on end as I wait for that ‘special scene’ but I believe the end results will be worth it.


So, please visit our Kickstarter page HERE and pledge some money towards the project. It’s the only way we’ll be able to get it off the ground and we only have 60 days to do it in. While receiving various gifts depending on the amount you pledge, you can be proud to know you’ve contributed towards a film that me and Chris think people will wish to watch again and again. Gifts include, a signed copy of Chris’s “A Year in the Life of the Cairngorms”, prints, a day and evening out on shoot with us both and of course a free copy of the film.

If we do hit our target at the end of the 60 day period, we’ll begin work on the video immediately with a planned completion date of April 2013. If by any outlandish chance you help us to exceed the target then all extra funds will go towards some commissioned aerial scenes filmed by PDG Helicopters who are based in Aviemore (example of their work below).

During the period of production, myself and Chris will both be ‘blogging’ and ‘tweeting’ about the work so you can see it all as it happens. You will also get to enjoy free to view behind-the-scenes videos too! I plan on sharing with viewers how we’ve gone about producing the film, what kit we’re using and why. A unique insight into how I go about achieving the shots I capture and Chris’ planning for the film.

The whole project is geared up so people can feel part of what we hope to achieve and of course enjoy the final film once it’s completed. It may not come as a surprise to most of you, that I’m really quite prolific with my video work and am more than able in achieving the goals me and Chris have for this film.

If we don’t reach our target, then sadly nothing happens. Hopefully, you won’t let it come to that!

So, get on over to our Kickstarter page, see what it’s all about, and pledge. Remember, you’re not ‘donating’ – you will all get something in return for your input into what Chris and I believe will become a classic outdoor feature.


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