Many, many thanks!

Cycling and camping, Upper Derwent Valley, Peak District
Many thanks too to Mike Fields and his son Nathan for being models on a shoot for me over the weekend.

Quick post this. I just wanted to say thank you to all those who’ve pledged money towards the Kickstarter project me and Chris Townsend are hoping to work on ‘The Cairngorms in Winter’. We’ve been quite taken aback by the positive response to it all and are very humbled. Needless to say there’s still some way to go in achieving our target, so do please keep pledging or the film just won’t happen.

I’d also like to thank those who’ve kindly nominated and voted for me in the TGO Awards Outdoor Personality of the Year category – cripes, do I feel stupid typing that! The awards ceremony is to be held in Kendal this Wednesday night where the winners will be announced. I don’t believe I’ll win of course but I’m looking forward to the event just for the social side of it. I’m truly humbled to be there in the first place in truth. Besides, it’s being staged in a pub that serves tip top real ales – so I’ll be a happy little bunny no matter what! I’ll be in good company too with fellow ale fan, Alan Sloman who’s up for an award too.

Upper Derwent Valley, Peak District National Park
Video still – Mike and Nathan cycling round the Howden Reservoir, Upper Derwent Valley, Peak District.

Other than that, I’m a busy bee at the moment. Endeavouring to finally complete some overdue projects (thanks to the bloody weather!) and planning shoots for other work lined up for this winter. Recently, most of my time spent outdoors have been on day visits. I have had the odd camp out but nothing for more than 2 nights. December can’t come quick enough for me to be honest. Only then will I be back out proper for several nights in a row – I’ve got withdrawal symptoms! And I’m particularly looking forward to spending a lot of time in the Lake District up on the snow clad summits….


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