All good things come to those who wait – A documentary. Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike, Lake District National Park
Scafell Pike, Lake District National Park.

This post may sound a little pompous and inward looking but it’s not intended to be. Far from it. It’s just me sharing and thinking aloud. It’s personal, if you like (after all that’s kind of what blogs are about anyway).

Many moons ago, I came up with a brainchild of a project I hoped to work on some day. Only once the time was right though. Right as in within myself, motivation, skills and finances. Lots of factors really.

This December sees me begin work on probably my most ambitious outdoors video project yet. What I hope is the culmination of all I’ve learnt and achieved and pushed to a higher level. It’s a little daunting for me admittedly – logistically it can potentially be a nightmare. And it will test my patience and tenacity to the highest degree. But I’ve never been one to back down on a challenge and thrive on confronting obstacles head on with my mind set on specific goals.

So, what am I talking about I hear you ask?

I’ve spoken to a few friends in recent months about this idea and once it became apparent it was going to happen, one made an ironic observation. They commented on how much of what I do with outdoors video began during a period I was prolifically backpacking in the Lake District. And as time has gone by, it’s now become my living and it’s quite odd to think that after all that time I’m about to spend more time in Cumbria than I ever have done.

After much planning, dealing with partners, signing paperwork, seeking agreements I’m finally about to work on the following documentary:

Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike
A cinematic documentary showcasing England’s highest mountain through the seasons, featuring all those who live, work and play around this iconic peak.

That’s it in a nutshell.

For the next 10 months, I’ll be covering Scafell Pike from all angles, in all weathers endeavouring to capture it’s ever changing character. And along the way, I’ll be filming key characters along with famous cameos that help tell it’s story. What the mountain means to them and why? We’ll learn a little about it’s history, observe the stresses and strains it falls victim too (including the notorious Three Peaks Challengers!).

I’m hoping to thread through the seasons stories from people who are close (literally) to the mountain. And of course I’m planning on capturing on camera it’s ever-changing moods and awesome beauty.

During this time, I’ll be producing regular short behind-the-scenes videos which will be free to share – featuring how I go about my work and why. Glimpses at some of the lives people lead in the area. Brief interviews with key characters and much more.

I hope to complete filming by mid-September 2013 and have the documentary ready for sale and on show at next year’s Kendal Mountain Festival. I’ve secured most of the funding needed privately but will need more to complete the job at some point. Much of my own money is going into this project so I will continue to work on other projects elsewhere.

I do hope it’s a film many of you would like to see and will join me on my journey as I go about putting it all together. Needless to say, I’ll be talking about it on here and elsewhere in the coming weeks and months.

So….there you go. I began making home-made videos of my trips in the Lake District and a few years later I’m now back there working on my most ambitious project yet. Uncanny. It never entered my head until my kind friend pointed that out.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following partners who’ve helped to get this project up and running. Their support and kindness has been truly overwhelming:

Rab, Force Ten, Vango, The National Trust and Cumbria Tourism.


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