Chomping at the bit – back to the hills at last!

Lake District National Park, wild camping
Back to where I belong – out in the hills, not stuck in my study.

Hoorah!! I’m all done. Schedule cleared and I’m chomping at the bit to head back out into the hills proper. Just in time for the snow too.

And where am I off to? The Lake District to begin working on the documentary I’m producing featuring Scafell Pike. So, though it may have seemed a little quiet of late on here – it will inevitably continue to be so. I’ll be off to the Western Lakes for at least 7 nights later this week. And later in the month, I’ll be heading back for a similar length of time.

I’ll be putting some new kit from Rab and Force Ten through their paces. I’ll obviously report back eventually about such things on here, but do keep an eye out on Twitter where I’ll mention how they’re performing, sending in pics and so on. That’s if gear is your thing of course.

Though there is an interesting new tent from Force Ten I’ll be using – the Nitro Lite 200. Take a look at Robin’s blog HERE. After some private chats lately, he’s decided to bite the bullet and purchase one. I think folk will be quite surprised to see some of the new gear coming from the brand in the coming months. All part and parcel of a revamp/re-launch for 2013.

While I’m out and about in the Scafells area, I will be snapping away and filming scenes for behind the scenes videos as part of the documentary project. I intend to finish the first one of these by the end of December. I’m not sure what it will feature to be honest. I think I’ll go into the subject of wild camping. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Other than that, enjoy viewing a few videos I’ve recently put together.

Think of the first one as a loving homage to the very many times I’ve visited the Peak District National Park over the past couple of years. In truth I edited this video as a favour for Paul Besley from Rock and Fell to help promote their ‘Gourmet Walks’ It brought back some nice memories for me just before I head away from familiar Peakland moors and dales to the rugged highs and gentle lows of Cumbria. You’ll have seen some scenes before admittedly, but they’re some of my favourites I’ve thrown in. Often scenes I’ve patiently waited for hours and hours in all weathers, or the result of repeated trips.

Another features an excellent Peakland pub at the foothills of Kinder Scout and a touching narration from the late Bill Tarmey – popularly known as Jack Duckworth from the long-running soap opera, Coronation Street. Not long after he did the recording he sadly passed away. The Lantern Pike Inn. One of my favourite Peak District pubs. No doubt.

And the final video, showcases a tiny glimpse of the scenic delights and attractions in the county of Staffordshire. You’ll be surprised on how much there is to see and do – yet this short video doesn’t even do it justice! My visits to the county over the past few months have been real eye-openers, let me tell you. And I’m looking forward to heading back next year and filming some more videos for Enjoy Staffordshire


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