And so it begins…’The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’

Sgor Gaoith, Cairngorms National Park
Hopefully, I’ll capture similar to this on video next week – Sgor Gaoith by Chris Townsend.

Next week, I begin my first shoot up in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland for the documentary I’m producing with Chris Townsend. A big thanks to all of you who have pledged funds to make this film happen. A lot of planning has gone into this behind the scenes, as you can well imagine.

I’ve finally stripped the ideas down, considered the logistics of all the future shoots while being mindful of any possible difficulties and of course the Scottish weather.

This trip will involve me focusing on the western area of the Cairngorms. Glenfeshie to Braeriach. So expect to see scenes featuring the Caledonian forest, Chris exploring the glens before heading up onto the tops. Admittedly, even though my planned trip is a minimum of 8 or 9 days, I’ll only be spending a couple of days with Chris on this shoot.

I’m endeavouring to capture the area looking at it’s finest on video. From up close and afar. And considering the terrain and weather, I need to take my time and likely patiently wait chasing those special scenes I have in my mind’s eye. Other scenes with Chris will follow on another trip.

I also need to consider how remote the area can be too. There’s no quick hop over a hill and down a valley to visit a pub and freshen up. Or even re-charge my batteries for equipment. I’m dreading lugging about a stupid heavy rucksack, for example. Even so, stuff like food I’ll likely leave behind somewhere in a hidden cache to return a few days later and collect and then carry on.

In all likelihood I’ll stay up in the Cairngorms for the rest of this month. I need to accommodate all possibilities with regards to the weather. If all goes well after a week, I’ll then spend the night in Aviemore, pick up more supplies and then head on back out for a few days again.

Vantage points have been planned, certain shots I’m hoping to capture are noted, and now it’s all a matter of heading up there and cracking on with it all.

I’m pleased to say, the support I’ve had from various people and businesses has been fantastic. Including people on the likes of Twitter. Do keep an eye on that if you’re interested. Though mobile phone signal coverage in the area is intermittent where I’m heading, I will be sharing with followers what I’m up to and sending pictures in of the area and my camps: @terrybnd And don’t forget Chris, too@townsendoutdoor

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Salomon as well. After much interest from companies and careful consideration, I took the decision to associate the project with them. They’re support has been wonderful. And I have to add, they’ve not asked for anything in return. No strings attached. They wish to keep a low profile with the project. Something I’m not used to I have to admit in this day and age but nevertheless helps to maintain the film’s integrity. So fair play to them! They just wish to see the project succeed as much as myself and Chris. No constraints or creative limitations. Excellent!

So before I sign off and double-check all the kit I’ve got ready to pack away, here’s a sneak peek at some music the wonderfully talented freddiehangoler has been working on for the film. Lots of emails have been exchanged, we’ve talked at length about the themes and moods we wish to create musically – and I hope it goes some way in helping folk form a picture in their mind’s eye as to what I intend to finally produce.

Needless to say, some things may change, it’s inevitable. It’s the nature of the beast. But it’s always nice to get the foundations laid down perfectly – the rest normally takes care of itself. I think people in general have a certain perception of what this film will be like once completed. And as much as me and Chris would love to accommodate all ideas, naturally we have to keep it simple due to the time we have available to us and of course the nature of the terrain we’ll be encountering. There’s some scenes I wish to film with Chris he’s not too keen on, for example! For me, the film is as much about the man himself as well as the area. He is essentially our eyes into this world and I want us as viewers to share and feel that with him.

But I also want to feature the grandeur and beauty of the landscape too. Hopefully, just in this short musical demo freddie has put together you’ll get a good idea of what I’m aiming for. Take care and speak soon folks!


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