UPDATE: ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
The Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Just a quick update this post regarding the ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’ film funded by those of you who pledged via Kickstarter and supported by outdoor brand Salomon.

I’m currently typing this piece via a laptop and WiFi in a self-catering cottage in Aviemore. I’ve been up here well over a week now. The first was spent out in the hills wild camping and this week I’ve been fortunate to spend time with my family who’ve come up from England and booked accommodation.

It’s been a tough and varied shoot and one I’ll never forget for years to come. I’ve filmed hours of video, featuring countless timelapse sequences of storms, beautiful sunkissed glens, snow clad mountains and of course Chris in action on some of his favourite walks.

In truth I’m battered. I look exhausted and dishevelled and am thankful for today’s ‘day of rest’. I’m pleased to say that I’m over the moon with all of the footage I’ve captured up here so far. There’s still lots to do mind – including an overnight camp on the Cairngorm plateau with Chris tomorrow.

I’ve also had the opportunity to secure the talents of an up and coming business for unique aerial scenes of the area (more of which another time) along with hearing samples of motifs and other themes the composer has put together for me to approve for the film.

All in all it’s coming together nicely. Beyond my expectations and hopes to be honest. I’m really pleased despite my exhaustion.

Alas, the internet is really rather slow up here in Aviemore, and so I shall be signing off again shortly. Come this Sunday I’ll be spending at least another week out amongst the glens and mountains of the Cairngorms filming.

I’d also like to add, that 3 of those who pledged to spend a night out with Chris and me was a particular highlight. The company and conversation proved good for my morale and I think everyone else enjoyed their time immensely. You can read in the comments HERE that one of the gentleman has to say on his trip out. Really rather humbling and insightful.

In the meantime, here’s a wee selection of photos I’ve captured on the trip so far and I do hope it gives you all a tiny glimpse of what’s to come in the completed film by the end of April.

Speak soon!

Loch Gamhna
You can’t really see it, but I was capturing timelapse of a storm clouds over nearby mountains here from the shores of
Loch Gamhna.

Some of the scenes around Loch Gamhna were delightful to say the least.
Glen Feshie, Scotland
One beautiful morning in Glen Feshie.

Chris Townsend
The living legend himself – Chris Townsend.

Chris Townsend, wild camping
Chris makes camp in Glen Feshie.

Constellation Orion as seen from Glen Feshie.

Yours truly filming a panoramic shot of the Cairngorms one evening.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
The Cairngorms as seen from Craiggellachie. I managed to get a fab ‘crane shot’ of this scene. Nice big reveal for the film.

View south from Ben Macdui
A spectacular wintry view from Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain in the UK.

Chris Townsend on Ben Macdui
Chris talks us through the views from Ben Macdui.

Chris Townsend cross country skiing
Chris takes in the end of a fine day skiing on the Cairngorm plateau.


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