Official Trailer – ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’

A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into producing this film and I’ll have to admit I’m almost spent! Perhaps not many people realise this, but I don’t drive. I use public transport, and hike out into the hills. I carry everything with me that I need. Be it all the video gear, camping equipment, food and water.

The Cairngorms isn’t a place to take lightly as I’ve rapidly learnt in the past couple of months. I’m not afraid to admit I underestimated the area a little at times. The distances I’ve had to cover chasing the light, or a vantage point has been the most challenging aspect to this project.

Consequently I’ve had to quickly alter my plans and goals. Adapt to the area. And all this has had a knock on effect with the time I need for filming. Even so, I am a determined sort of chap and have got my head down and cracked on with it.

At times I did think whether it was all worth it or not. Was I aiming too high in what I envisaged for the film. Should I lower my ambitions and take it from there. Thankfully I didn’t. I persevered and am now reaping what I have sown – I think! I hope! I don’t know!

One day I woke to horrendous storms near the Larrig Ghru. It was supposed to be a nice morning. Alas, the weather never plays ball in the Cairngorms. Trust no forecast is my only advice. The weather had already put my planned hikes and shoots out of kilter. Inevitably for me, it meant I had to lug my pack (at it’s heaviest early on in the trip) for nearly 16 miles to another location.

Grey skies, storm force winds (trees lay on roads for example) and rain made for a terribly miserable day. Bloody awful. My morale was sooooo low come the evening. A planned short cut on rough open ground proved fruitless and energy sapping.

Ironically, that very day inspired in me an even more determined mentality to keep going and really aim high with my plans. It was the kick up the arse, slap in the face I needed to snap me out of my self pity.

Looking back – I’m glad it happened. It brought so many things into focus. And though this trailer is just an extremely condensed version of what’s to come, I do hope you like it. Otherwise it would’ve all been for nothing. All that pain for sod all.

But the end is nigh for the project. And now sat at my desk I can clearly see the film taking shape and in truth I’m over the moon with it. All the suffering, battling the elements, the fatigue and missing my wife and family has been worth it.

I’ll talk more about the trip soon. At the moment my mind is on other things. The film now and where it stands, and planning for the next trip which looks like being next week.

Speak soon!


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