Off again…

Chris Townsend in the Cairngorms
Chris Townsend takes a breather on the flanks of Moine Mhor, Cairngorms.

I’m all set to head out on for what is likely to be the penultimate location shoot for ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’. And bang on cue, the winds and snows are back in Eastern Scotland, which shall make things interesting to say the least.

Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to Aviemore ready for filming on the Thursday with Chris. Once a week has passed, I’ll be nipping back home to spend time with my family over Easter and then on the 2nd April I shall “love em and leave em” and return to Scotland – what genuinely feels like my second home of late!

Remote Image Solutions
Aerial scenes are on the cards for the film too thanks to Mike at Remote Image Solutions.

This weeks shoot will concern the big passes of the Cairngorms amongst other things and the one after will involve me working with Mike from Remote Image Solutions capturing unique aerial scenes with his UAVs – something I’m particularly looking forward to.

So, on that note I shall bid you all farewell and make some final checks to my rucksack sat in the hallway….


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