"I know what you did last summer". Well, you kind of do now….

Vango Banshee 300
A fairytale camp in an ancient forest? The Vango Banshee 300 with blogger Jake Lunniss as a model.

Some of you may recall I was somewhat busy last summer. This was down to working on a number of projects I wasn’t able to divulge in detail at the time. One of which was working on a catalogue of photography for Force Ten and Vango – along with some product/brand videos.

The deadlines were tight and the schedule hectic to say the least. Our wet summer didn’t help matters either with planned shoots!

My remit was simple from both companies. Conjure up a series of photos/videos that will inspire people to get outdoors and explore. Show what the kit is designed for and what it can do within a given template.

Being a backpacker, this meant I wanted to show the gear out in their natural environments – and not some local field or campsite. They were meant to be entertaining and not too technical either. And I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed working on it all! It was great fun.

Part of the secrecy was because of new products designed by each company’s team. There’s some real crackers due in the shops now or very soon (and a couple out now).

The work involved a long trip in the French Alps too – much of which passed by in a blur if I’m honest. We paid visit to some truly outstanding landscapes but because I was busy filming or capturing photos I don’t recall much detail. It really was a “busman’s holiday”.

Anyway, I thought you might like a sneak peek at what I got up to via a couple of videos and some photos. I guess you folks will be the judge of whether I succeeded or not. Much of it was new ground to cover on my part as well as the companies involved but I think we pretty much pulled it off. I hope you like the glimpses you see. You’ll have to keep an eye out in shops, magazines and of course the respective company’s websites to see much more….

Vango Apex 200
The Vango Apex 200 – affordable and impressive tent this when I tested it. Surprisingly stable in high winds too. One thing I loved about this shelter was the large porch that affords a big view with some shelter with it’s small roof above.

Vango Blade 200
Here’s a tent to keep an eye out for if you wish to spend a little to take up backpacking – new for 2013 the Blade 200. Large porch, genuine room inside for 2 people and weighs 2.1kg. There’s a solo version available too.
Vango Banshee 300
Another attempt here to create a fairytale looking camp featuring the Vango Banshee 300.

Force Ten team
The Force Ten team take a break at camp on the Mont Blanc massif, French Alps.

Force Ten kit
There’s quite a few new products from Force Ten this year – including down sleeping bags, new tents etc.

Force Ten Vortex Lite 200
A distant look at the Force Ten Vortex Lite 200 in the French Alps.

Force Ten Helium 100
Rob from the Force Ten team admires an alpine view besides a Force Ten Helium tent.

Force Ten Vortex 200, french alps
Standard Force Ten Vortex at home in it’s natural environment.

Special thanks to all those who volunteered to be models on the projects. Including, Jake Lunniss, Keith Foskett, Stuart Sibcy, Dean Read, Mike Fields, Matt Brown and Marion Brown to name a few….

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