"It’s a wrap!". Narrations and red squirrels

Braeriach, Cairngorms National Park
Braeriach, Cairngorms National Park as seen from Aviemore train station.

I’m back home now after spending a couple of days with Chris Townsend at his home in the Cairngorms National Park, where we finished off much of the narration required for ‘The Cairngorms in Winter’ film we’ve been working on.

It’s all I really need to do now to finish and sign the film off. Even so, it’s not easy and will take me a couple of days at least. And I don’t want to rush completing the final feature.

As a bit of info for TGO Challengers heading to Scotland shortly, take a look at the above photo. I captured this scene from the bridge adjacent to Aviemore railway station last Saturday morning – as you can see there’s still quite a bit of snow up on the high ground. What condition the snow’s in, I have no idea as I never set a foot up there over the two day visit.

The air temp outside Chris’ house (which resides at 300m asl) was often hovering around 0c before warming up a few degrees during the day. Winter certainly isn’t quite over yet in the Cairngorms!

I spent most of my time at Chris’ delightful home either working with him on the recordings or mesmerised by the wildlife immediately outside in his gardens. A veritable paradise! Rabbits, hares, pheasants, buzzards, red squirrels and much more (even a capercaillie too apparently) all visit and frequent in considerably numbers in the grounds. Don’t take my word for it of course, take a look at the short video I put together below!

On this trip, it was also the first time Chris had seen the film in it’s entirety. I’d brought along a copy on DVD so I could reveal how it had all come together, and see where I required his planned narration/voiceovers. This proved to be rather tricky, intense and time consuming! I figured we’d get it done in an hour or so but it eventually took up a whole afternoon.
Even so, I’m pleased that Chris was also really impressed with the finished visuals and sound for the film – which leads me to when those who backed our project on Kickstarter will receive their copies. Hopefully, by the end of this coming week. I was intending to get it all signed off by tomorrow or Tuesday but embedding the recordings we made will take me some time to edit.
So on that note, I shall head off and get working again but before I do, I’d like to wish all those who are undertaking the TGO Challenge the best of luck! And I hope the weather is kind to you as you hike from the west to east coast of Scotland.

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