Delights of Borrowdale from above and blurred memories

Bleaberry Fell sunset, Lake District
Chris and Mark enjoy a fine sunset from Bleaberry Fell, Lake District

The past few days have passed by in somewhat of a blur. First off, I enjoyed a couple of nights wild camping in the Lake District around Borrowdale – with a light pack for the first time in over a year – and then a couple more at the Keswick Mountain Festival where ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’ had it’s public premier at George Fishers.

Fellow outdoors blogger Mark had kindly pledged funds to the film and part of his gifts entitlement entailed him spending a night out on the hills with Chris and myself. Sadly, this didn’t come to fruition in the Cairngorms due to Chris requiring a stay in hospital. So to make up for it, we invited Mark to join us for the whole weekend in Keswick.

The two of us arrived in the Lake District to a mix of weather which proved to be generally favourable over the initial couple of days, while Chris would meet us on the last evening’s camp before making our way to Keswick.

After spending so much time in the Cairngorms of late, it was a little weird hiking on the hills around Borrowdale for me. The scale of the park never having appeared to be so small when compared to the Scottish Highlands. Even so, what immediately struck me as we strode through strong winds and hail on Cat Bells was how damn picturesque the Lake District is! No matter which point on a compass you cast your gaze, you’ll find a sublime view or craggy hills as light and cloud dances across the landscape.

It was a pleasure to be back. Even if it were a little chilly at times.

I’m not sure how many miles we hiked over the 2 days, but it proved to be really enjoyable for me – a relaxing break to switch off my mind from the Gorms project and also hike with a light pack on my back!

Now and again I would pick up a phone signal and be notified of messages and emails with more feedback concerning the aforementioned film and I’m pleased to say the positive response has been truly overwhelming – for both me and Chris.

When we did finally arrive in Keswick we were often approached by various people who wished to congratulate us both. We had no idea there was such a “buzz” about the film at the festival. And of course when the premier took place, again I was personally taken aback by the audience’s response to it. I really was dumbstruck and humbled. Chris too I suspect.

I’m pleased to announce that from June the film will be available to buy digitally from Steep Edge. I hope to have DVDs ready in the coming weeks ahead as well.

Other than that, my mind is still a blur and I’m off to switch my brain off again. I think it needs to settle. Then it’s back to work as I head back to the Lake District to carry on working on ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’

Glaramara, Lake District
Glaramara in late afternoon light from Lobstone Band.

Glaramara from wild camp, Lake District
A wider view of Glaramara from camp.

Wild camping
Mark enjoys his wild camp on Lobstone Band.
Lobstone Band view, Derwentwater
View down to Derwentwater from Lobstone Band.
Sunset on Glaramara, Lake District
Rays of the setting sun gently kiss the craggy outcrops on Glaramara.

Scafell massif, Lake District
Looking to the Scafell massif from camp.

Dale Head, Lake District
Mark heads towards Dale Head the following morning.

Eagle Crag, Borrowdale, Lake District
Eagle Crag looms over Stonethwaite.

Scafell massif from High Seat
After descending to Borrowdale, we made our way up to High Seat to enjoy this wonderful scene towards the Scafell massif.

Terra Nova Laser Competition, wild camping
My camp on Bleaberry Fell.

wild camping, Lake District
Mark sets up his camp on Bleaberry Fell.

Blencathra, Lake District
View of Blencathra from my camp.

Chris Townsend wild camping, Lake District
Chris Townsend eventually arrived and made his first wild camp in the Lake District in over 20 years!

The odd blustery shower came and went, to reveal lovely rainbows.

Wild camping, Chris Townsend
Chris and his beloved Hilleberg Akto all set up for the night.

Sunset, Bassenthwaite
The sun begins to set over Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite.

Sunset from Bleaberry Fell, Lake District
A delightful scene from camp – Bleaberry Fell affords some fantastic panoramic Lakeland scenes.

Chris Townsend and Mark on Bleaberry Fell, sunset, wild camping
Chris and Mark enjoy the beauty of the scene as the sunsets.

Chris Townsend and Mark, Lake District
The following morning brought more sunshine as we all descended down Cat Gill for Keswick.


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