A brief Peakland jaunt and visit to Terra Nova HQ

Terra Nova Discovery bivi and Competition 1 tarp
Home for the night – a stealth bivvy in the Peak District.

Just over a week ago, I popped over to spend a day and night in the Peak District for the first time in goodness knows how long. And thankfully despite the grim weather forecasts it turned out dry, sunny and extremely warm! Too warm in fact. I was pouring with sweat as I eventually made for a short hike on the moors in the Dark Peak.

Before I headed out onto the hills I paid Terra Nova HQ a visit to check out their kit collection for 2014. I’m not permitted to reveal what’s new sadly until a few weeks from now due to a media embargo, but what I can say is there was some very interesting new developments from the Derbyshire based manufacturer. A couple of new products that really caught my eye in the Terra Nova range particularly and I’m sure they would you too. It was nice to catch up in person with the team too, all a great bunch of folks with a genuine interest in the outdoors and pushing boundaries for kit.

All said and done, the highlight of the day was being out in the Peak District for me – my local playground, if you like and I’ll have to admit I’ve sorely missed the place. It may well be gentle when compared to other national parks I’ve been visiting recently, but no less humbling and beautiful to admire.

For some maybe, but not me. I just love being outdoors anywhere. Heck, even the countryside near to where I live!

Anyway, I need to sign off and get packing now for a 12 night trip to the Lake District, but before I go here’s some pictures from that short but sweet visit to Peakland….

Terra Nova tents
The familiar range of Terra Nova tents were all on display.
Terra Nova product launch 2013
Something red, something new, from Terra Nova for 2014.
Terra Nova product guide
One of my photos on the front cover of Terra Nova’s product brochure – a scene taken in Glen Feshie last February.

Terra Nova Discovery bivi and tarp, wild camping
A Terra Nova Competition 1 tarp, folded in half and pitched to form a micro tarp
configuration – along with one of their bivouacs. Was a nice relaxing camp this.

wild camping Peak District
The sun sets over Bamford Moor as seen from camp. Wonderful!

The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend DVD
Slight tangent – The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend DVD has finally gone into production!


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