A pictorial guide: Recent Lakeland romp

Glaramara Lake District
Atmospheric Glaramara from a camp on Base Brown.

As the title says, here’s a selection of photos from my recent Lakeland visit. Highlights included a bivouac atop Scafell Pike during the current heatwave, though sadly I forgot to take some pics on my ‘proper’ camera (there’s one lurking somewhere on my Twitter account), and getting to see a demo of ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’ on the big screen at Rheged (which begins screening the film a week today).

Other than that, there was lots of relaxing in the warm sun, lots of sweating and dying on my feet in the warm sun, encountering strong winds and rain…and more sun! And a couple of pain in the arse kit failures too. Thankfully my wife popped up on the last few days of my trip with new supplies. All I’ll say for now is, some lightweight kit just don’t really cut the mustard when it comes to multi-day hikes and camps.

Good ole British weather, eh? Ya can’t beat it!

Enjoy the pics, as I need to get off and pack for another 12 night jaunt in the Western Fells of Cumbria….

wild camp styhead tarn
Camp near Styhead Tarn

wild camping, Scafell Pike
See the tents? That be basecamp National Trust. Busy working on the fells.

wild camping tarp
And here’s mine nearby….

terra nova competition 1 tarp wild camping
Same camp again, but looking the other way to Great Gable
A scramble up the flanks of nearby Great End and here’s the view….

terra nova competition 1 tarp wild camping lake district
Close up on camp…nice and airy under the tarp. Double-guyed at the poles due to previous night’s storm.

Piers Ghyll, Lake District
A peep down Piers Ghyll en route elsewhere

wild camping lake district
Another camp on Lingmell summit. Did one the other week. I’m chasing a specific shot you see.

Scafell buttress
Scafell was looking mighty fine from camp.

Dawn Lingmell Lake District
Dawn view on Lingmell whilst lying in my bivvy.

Wasdale Head
Looking back to Wasdale Head after a visit to the pub before heading on to camp elsewhere.

Glaramara from the next night’s camp…on Base Brown.

Terra Nova Competition 1 tarp, wild camping
Another fine view from camp on Base Brown.

Castle Crag
Looking into Borrowdale and to Castle Crag from camp.

Scafell Pike dawn
Dawn view of the Scafells from Wasdale a couple of days later.

Hollow Stones, Scafell Pike
Hollow Stones below the Scafells en route to a bivvy on the roof of England.

Scafell Pike summit
Twas a little hazy up there thanks to the heatwave.

Summit of Scafell Pike
Some Three Peakers resting on the summit of Scafell Pike.

Scafell and Wastwater
Taking in a fine view over a coffee the following morning.

And no visit to Wasdale is complete without a paddle in Wastwater.


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