On the road: Work, camps and living legends

Hollow Stones, Lake District
Looking to Scafell Pike and Scafell from Hollow Stones while on a shoot with Force Ten.

Quick post this….via WiFi in the wonderful pub known as The Strands Inn, Nether Wasdale in the Lake District. I’m in my element here. Delightfully pretty Lakeland village, friendly locals, wonderful views towards the Wastwater screes and a microbrewery on site in the pub!

The past two weeks have been rather demanding and tiring, the weather has been up and down but much of the work required is almost done and I’ll be heading back home on Sunday.

I’ve been busy for much of the time working with Vango and Force Ten which involved a brief trip and overnight camps in the Cairngorms National Park, before zipping off south to the Lake District. Essentially a photo and video shoot featuring new products and other gear for 2014. Some great stuff due too, alas I’m bound to say not a word which is a shame.

Once they headed back home to Scotland, I’ve been busy spending time with family in the Lakes and filming for ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’. A bit of a busman’s holiday if you like. Even so, a bloody good one.

A couple of highlights have involved me meeting David Powell-Thompson and Joss Naylor MBE who will both feature in the aforementioned documentary. Both living legends of the area and down to earth folks with many stories to share of the area. I’m tremendously excited to be working with both in the coming weeks ahead.

Quite a funny story in how I chanced upon Joss as it happens. I woke early one morning and peeped out the window to see some splendid scenes unveiling from thick cloud. Without thinking, I legged it out the house grasping my video camera en route. Later while the camera was recording and I was feeding my nicotine habit, it dawned on me I was standing there in plain view to all and sundry in my pyjamas and slippers (yeah, I’m getting old! Days of going commando are limited now.). I then noted an elderly gentleman rushing about the fellside nearby with some loyal dogs in tow – turns out it was Mr Naylor himself! I’m pleased he didn’t pay any attention to me. I was due to call him later that day and hopefully meet the following day. Could’ve proved to be a rather embarrassing talking point eh?

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank the wonderful folks in the area for their support on my next film. They’ll be the ones who make this, including the famous faces above. And a quick mention to Mark from Wastwater Photography who will be chronicling my efforts in the coming months ahead which will feature in TGO Magazine (or The Great Outdoors Magazine as it’s now known) amongst others.

Speak soon folks!

Force Ten, Lake District
Rob B from Force Ten, jumps in the air with delight during a wild camp on the Scafells.

Wastwater Screes, Lake District
Wastwater Screes as seen from Greendale, Lake District. Weather was awful on the day, but the clouds parted and revealed this lovely scene! The great outdoors eh?

Scafell Pike Lake District
The Scafells one morning as seen from Greendale.

David Powell-Thompson
Cumbrian living legend, David Powell-Thompson. You may recognise him from ‘Wainwright Walks’ presented by Julia Bradbury amongst other shows.

Joss Naylor MBE, Lake District
Another living legend, Joss Naylor MBE relaxing at home. If you know your outdoors, then I need say no more!
The Strands Inn, Nether Wasdale Lake District
Rainbow outside The Strands Inn and Wastwater screes. Cracking pub, bloody good ale!

Vango, Lake District
Rob P from Vango, post dive and swim in Wastwater while using one of their drysacs.


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