Your support needed via Indiegogo: ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’

Life of a Mountain Scafell Pike
Official teaser poster for the film.

About this time last year I began putting plans into motion to produce a documentary featuring one of my favourite places in the whole of the UK – the Scafells in the Lake District National Park.

There’s always been something about Lakeland and the county of Cumbria that resonates with me on so many levels, often referring to it as my ‘spiritual home’. And it was out of that affinity I came up with the ambitious idea of a film which showcased the highest peak in England through the seasons but featuring all the people who live and work nearby or on the fells, those who care and protect it and of course the hundreds of thousands who come to play on it’s rock slopes in all seasons.

I’m pleased to say that a number of associated sponsors agreed to support me financially on the film. I guess the idea and concept appealed to them, and they have shown tremendous faith in me completing the project.

Before I hit the ground running, there was the small matter of producing ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’. A project I personally undertook thinking it would prove to be a suitable ‘warm-up’ for the Scafells documentary. Indeed, thanks to all your support via crowd-sourced funding website, Kickstarter, the learning experience proved to be extremely valuable on so many levels.

It was also humbling to see the responses people have shown towards the completed film and how they felt they had played a vital part in it’s execution. Indeed they did. Without that support nothing would have happened. That more than anything gave me a real buzz and sense of satisfaction.

I’m now nearing the completion of ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ but by no means is the end in near sight. I’m still to film this autumn, winter and a part of spring.

People I’m yet to film includes the writer and photographer, Bill Birkett, broadcaster and presenter Eric Robson, author and friend to Alfred Wainwright, Mark Richards, Chris Townsend (needs no introduction) and many more. I’m set to meet up with the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team soon too. I’ll be hoping to give an insight to how they train, the rescues they undertake and much more.

Sprinkling Tarn from Great End
A scene from the film. Sprinkling Tarn from Great End. I camp out in all weathers to capture the very best scenes.

The sheer scale of what I have in mind, plus the scenic aspect of showcasing this high ground from all angles, in all weathers and seasons has been overwhelming at times. But I’m pleased to say that all the blood, sweat and tears has been worth it.

‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ is shaping up to be something rather special. Or at least it does from the comfort of my PC as I review footage and plan more trips out. I’m really excited about it!

However, due to some unforeseen circumstances with a backer I’m due to run out of funds to carry on with the documentary come this November. And it’s now that I approach you all for help and support. Support I hope you think is worthwhile with some great incentives.

Due to some odd terms and conditions on Kickstarter, I’ve now set up a fund-raising page for the film on Indiegogo instead.

Using this crowd-sourced funding website has enabled me to offer different rewards which are arguably more dynamic than what was on offer for the Cairngorms film. And there is the option of people able to contribute via PayPal along with a bank card.

Rewards include, a 2 disc DVD set of the completed film (one the main film, the other extended scenes and interviews), inkdrawing prints by Mark Richards, bed and breakfast at the Wasdale Head Inn, some Rab goodies and more. All the rewards offer extremely good market value and every penny you pledge goes towards the completion of the film. Every penny.

There’s even the chance to get hold of VIP tickets for it’s premier on the IMAX screen at the Rheged Centre in May 2014.

Dawn from Scafell Pike
Another scene from the film. Dawn from Scafell Pike. I spent the night in a bivvy not far from the summit to get this on video.

Your support is vital. And of course you can follow it’s progress on here and on Twitter etc. You’ll be sharing the journey of me working on the project, knowing you’ve played a huge part in making it succeed.

All the behind the scenes clips from the film you may have seen are quite simply teasers. They are not final sequences. Hopefully you’ll gauge an idea of the people I wish to capture and bring life to the film but also the romance I wish to bring back to the fore, inspired by not only the landscape but the Lakeland Poets too.

This film is about beauty, inspiration and engagement. But also the realities of the area. The care and maintenance the BMC, National Trust and farmers do for the fell. It will feature the culture of the area as well as it’s history.

Which is why the documentary will be of 2 hours duration. An entertaining and rather comprehensive video of England’s highest summit through the seasons. And the extras DVD will be at least an hour in duration. Quite simply there’s so much to cram into the film it would be a crime for me not to share it with you all.

I’ve worked extremely hard on the film so far. More than most would realise and I’ll be working even harder in the coming months ahead to do it all justice. ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ has been a real labour of love for me and I hope it shows.

I also hope you’ll have the faith in me to support me on this project to ensure it’s completion. It now requires my 100% focus and attention.

I have to add, that the support from the locals and other bodies has been overwhelming. Truly. They wish to see the film completed as much as me and have been really helpful with tips and info regarding the area and who to talk to. Especially photographer Mark Gilligan and mountain guide and TV producer David Powell-Thompson (incidentally two people you can spend a day with as part of the rewards for the project)

In effect you could say this is a people’s film. Supported by the people, for the people. By blogging and social networking, my very nature as a person is all inclusive and I guess it wouldn’t surprise some of you that I wish to inject that in the final film. After all the Scafells are there for us all to enjoy and I want to produce a feature that inspires others to visit and also be enlightened to it’s delights.

So, please head on over to the support page on Indiegogo HERE.

Have a look through the details of the project, see what rewards are up for grabs. Please feel free to share the page with friends and family too.

In effect I have 60 days to raise the minimum amount of funds required for me to work full time on the film from November to late March. And I do hope you think it’s a worthwhile cause.


Terry Abraham aka terrybnd


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