VIDEO: Carey Davies, Hill Walking Officer for the British Mountaineering Council

cloud inversion from Esk Pike, Lake District
The view from camp. I grudgingly left this behind to meet Carey later that morning.

Last week I hooked up with Carey Davies who used to work at The Great Outdoors Magazine (TGO) but now works as the hill walking officer for the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). He had kindly volunteered to feature in ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ talking about the BMC’s role in the area.

This ranged from support the organisation gives to local bodies in the area (which includes funding) to the effects of Three Peaks Challengers who descend on the mountain in huge numbers through the summer months. Carey talked about much more in fact, and it proved to be rather insightful.

I was already camped out on the fells and arranged to meet Mr Davies by Grains Gill adjacent to Seathwaite Fell. It was grey, thick with fog and rather damp down by the gorge, but what Carey didn’t know was a few hundred feet up one could be out on the summits under clear blue skies and warm sunshine. Yes, I woke to yet another cloud inversion in the Lake District! Uncanny.

Carey Davies
Despite the gloom down below, Carey was only too happy to be outdoors!

We filmed some scenes by the gill before heading on up on to Esk Hause to film some more. It was while we recorded some footage of Carey walking and talking about the fell when I realised he was as excited as a kid in a toy shop. He’d never seen a cloud inversion before, even though he’s hiked countless summits around the UK with his work.

Despite it being quite late in the day once we reached the area, Carey was chomping at the bit to leg it up to the summit of Great End to take in a wider view of the Western Lake District. I was in truth rather knackered having already been out on the fells for a few days and once filming was completed, I let him off his leash to run up the fellside to take in the fine views.

It’s times like that, that remind me how ‘blasé’ I may come across to some folks when it comes to the wonderful scenes to be enjoyed out on the hills. I mean that humbly of course. But it always gives me joy when seeing someone with such a joyful and boundless enthusiasm to take it all in.

As for me? After Carey raced up to Great End, I plodded on back to my camp which was located on Esk Pike, where I had arranged to meet Lakeland Fellranger series author Mark Richards. Needless to say he too was jumping with joy at the wonderful scenes to be had around as the cloud blanketed the landscape for as far as the eye could see to all points of the compass.

Mark had arrived to spend a couple of nights wild camping with me, enabling us to capture some wonderful scenes against the above backdrop while he shared his passion and love for the area. More of which in another post soon.

Below you can enjoy a short teasing glimpse of scenes I captured with Carey. This is in no way a final edit from the film. The opposite in fact. As usual, it’s another short to show folk the progress I’m making and to whet the appetite on what’s to come in the final film.

Before I sign off, I’d like to give a tremendously huge thanks to all of you who’ve backed me on my Scafells film. It truly means a lot. I’m particularly humbled that the target has been achieved in less than 20 days too.

Alas, the sum reached will be reduced for fees and such like so do please spread the word to increase it some more.

For example, some of the extra funds are going towards more music from Freddie who I’ve signed up to compose the music for the film, and I’ll be paying a fee to a sound engineer to help take some of my workload with regards to the sound mixing of the film. All of course enables me to concentrate on filming around the Scafells.


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