Video & trip report: The Wasdale Head Show and Shepherds Meet

Force Ten Argon 200 wild camping Lake District
The F10 Argon 200. Camp on Grey Knotts, Lake District.

The above photo taken on my phone reveals the best weather I experienced on my recent Lakeland visit. Saying that, despite the delightful autumnal colours it was biting cold and bloody windy too!

The camp is on Grey Knotts while I was making my way over to Wasdale Head. The forecasts were less than ideal but I chose to camp high anyway. A decision I almost came to regret.

The gusts were horrendous up on the tops, often knocking me over even though I was carrying my usual heavy pack a mule would blush at. Come dark, the clag came in and didn’t really clear for several days. It was the windiest camp I’ve experienced for quite some time. Normally, I sleep sound and it takes a lot to disturb my nightly visit to the land of nod. On this occasion it was more an in and out teasing trip.

The sheer noise of the winds enveloping my camp was enough to keep me awake for much of the night, never mind the tent concaving and nudging me regularly. To my dismay, they had altered direction in the night and I was convinced come morning there would be pole damage or friction burns on the flysheet.

To my surprise (and delight) the F10 Argon 200 came out unscathed. Good job too as it was going to be my home for a few nights.

Even so, the weather forced me to cut my trip short in the end. It was pointless being out on the tops. It rained heavily at times, pea soup for views was the norm and the winds continued to be ferocious.

All said and done, the highlight of my jaunt was visiting and filming the Wasdale Head Show and Shepherds Meet (teaser video below). A traditional Lakeland gathering I was keen to incorporate into my film about the Scafells.

It proved to be a tiring day. Shoots included the sheep judging, meeting Joss Naylor MBE, Eric Robson, David Powell-Thompson, the fell race up Kirk Fell, terrier racing, crook judging and filming the Wasdale MRT…..once the show had finished, I all too ready for an ale in the Wasdale Head Inn to wind down with.

David Powell-Thompson was great company as ever and it was the first time I met Eric Robson too who will be featuring in the final film.

So, there you go….sometimes the weather don’t play ball. A trip that lasted 6 days and only one of which proved to be productive for me. And the most enjoyable too. Such is life. But I’ll be back soon, this time focusing on the Eskdale Valley with a quick shoot over at the Wasdale Head Inn.

Sawyer Squeeze filter
Sawyer squeeze filter was in action again. Water sourcing from a nearby tarn.

James Harrison waits for the judges final verdict concerning Herdwick sheep at the Wasdale Head Show.

The shepherd’s crooks were quite the works of art! I spent some time at this display admiring the skill that had gone into them.

A fine Herdwick tup at the show.

The sheep are gathered in preparation for judging.

Joss Naylor MBE socialises with the shepherds.

A curious wee lamb.

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue team (some of them at least) were at the show too to raise money.
Lakeland stalwarts David Powell-Thompson and presenter Eric Robson with friends and family in the Wasdale Head Inn.

One last glimpse of the Scafells before the weather turned again.



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