Lakeland jaunt – the journey so far….

Scafell Pike from Yew Bank
One of the finest views in all of England? Scafells, Esk Pike, Bowfell from Yew Bank.

The past week here in Cumbria has been full of ups and downs. And proven to be rather challenging to say the least. Even so, it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. The weather has endeavoured to test not only my patience but kit as well.

I’m pleased to say the F10 Argon 200 continues to surpass my expectations and is shaping up to be one of the best semi-geodesic shelters I’ve ever used. It’s withstood some horrendous winds, rain and hail and dealt with them all admirably.
Sadly, some of the Rab Pertex Shield Plus kit has failed. A jacket and overtrousers. They deal with showers no problem, but prolonged downpours they eventually wet out. Sadly they’ve torn easily beyond repair. Saying that, the jacket is a prototype. It goes without saying such lightweight kit is best suited for the occasional poor hour or so outdoors. I shall talk more about kit I’ve been using in the coming weeks ahead.
Two gentleman from the BBC joined me overnight on the flanks of Hard Knott, and despite the inclement weather, they loved every minute of their first wild camp on the Lakeland Fells. It was nice to have company for a change. The idea behind their shoot was to film me in action and at camp as I work on ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’. They’ll be joining me again tonight in Kendal to capture some behind the scenes stuff, when ‘The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend’ has it’s first screening.
One memorable day last week saw me spend 5 hours rooted to one spot in Wasdale admiring the ever-changing scene unfold in front of me. I truly saw 4 seasons in one day during that short period. It was astonishing observing how the light, cloud and weather danced around the nearby fells and valley. Often being enveloped by dark brooding clouds which left a dusting of snow on the highest tops.
Last Monday I got to spend some time with Mike Gullen at the Wasdale Mountain Rescue HQ in Gosforth. An enlightening and humbling experience and one I’m looking forward to editing in the future. 
The following day was spent in the company of Richard on his delightful and picturesque farm in Wasdale. The work he does there in terms of conservation and more is admirable to say the least. He’s very proud of his achievements on the farm and rightly so.
Last night was spent enjoying company and drinks at the TGO Magazine Awards. It was great to meet so many like-minded folk and have a good laugh with them.
And on that note, I shall sign off. The Kendal Mountain Festival kicks off today and once it’s all over in a few days, I’ll be heading back onto the fells for another week or so….
Bowfell, Lake District National Park
Bowfell and Esk Pike as seen from Yew Bank one evening.
Great Gable, Lake District National Park
A dusting of snow on Great Gable.
Wasdale Head, Cumbria
Looking down Wasdale. I was rooted to this spot for quite some time.
Moonrise over The Screes.
Woodhow Tarn, Lake District National Park
Autumn has arrived here at Woodhow Tarn.

BBC Inside Out Scafell Pike
Ed and Ian from the BBC hiking up the flanks of Hard Knott.
Ed filming yours truly at my camp on Yew Bank.
Ed filming a tarn where he previously captured me collecting water for camp.
Force Ten Argon 200
Camp on Yew Bank with the F10 Argon 200 tent and Bowfell in the distance.
Richard congratulates his loyal friend for rounding up some Herdwick sheep.
Shepherding the Herdwicks.
Wastwater Screes Lake District
View of the Wastwater screes from Richard’s farm in Wasdale.
Delightful autumnal colours in Wasdale.
Alan Hinkes, TGO Magazine Awards
Alan Hinkes gives a glimpse of his book at the TGO Magazine awards in Kendal.
Carey Davies and David Powell-Thompson
Carey Davies from the British Mountaineering Council and Lakeland stalwart David Powell-Thompson.

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