Waltz of the Seasons: A peek at the score for ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’

Life of a Mountain Scafell Pike Rheged Centre
One of the teaser posters for the film.

During the past couple of months as I’ve been shifting through all the footage I’ve captured for ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’, I’ve been busy discussing with composer Freddiehangoler on the type of soundtrack I’m keen to be presented in the film.

Much of it will be rather pastoral, light and moody. And I have to say, Freddie has done a superb job on conveying the characteristics and drama of the Scafells in the form of music.

One sequence I’ve been working on involves the change of the seasons around these iconic fells. An interlude in the film that I hope will be beautiful and dramatic as we see the changing look of the area as we journey from spring to winter.

In effect, Freddie has produced a ‘waltz’ to tell this story and you can hear a peek of it below in the video.

Other pieces he’s been working on are variations of the theme he’s created based on these wild Lakeland fells, again to help tie the many strands of stories and people that feature in the documentary to bring it all together into something whole.

Other than that, I’m really pleased with how the film is shaping up now. As every month goes by and the film’s completion fast approaches, it’s nice to see the project transforming into something complete.

I’m really rather excited about it. But all said and done, there’s still lots more to do.


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