VIDEO: Chris Townsend in a tent, amongst the Scafells

Chris Townsend wild camping Lake District
Chris’ wild camp with an F10 MTN tent in Upper Eskdale, Lake District.

Having a somewhat topsy turvy trip at the moment in the Lake District to say the least. Ii wish these damn Atlantic storms would stop! It’s making my work almost impossible to do. Even so, spending so much time up here (typing this post via WiFi on a laptop in Eskdale) does mean I can readily jump out and take advantage of any opportunity that comes on by.

One highlight of my trip so far has been hooking up and wild camping with Chris Townsend again. Enjoyable company as ever and ever the professional when it came to me shoving a video camera in his face.

Despite the storms and unpredictable weather we encountered (you can read Chris’ trip report here) I’m pleased to say we came back with some ace footage for my film ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’. You can enjoy a sneak peek below.

I managed to capture some fantastic night timelapse scenes of Chris’ camp in Upper Eskdale too. Something I always wanted to do when we last worked together on our Cairngorms film but I never had the time to get round to producing. A still from the timelapse sits at the top of this post.

Anyway, enjoy the video and I hope you all have a great weekend out on the hills.


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