Feature Post: Picking the right backpack for your winter trek

There are lots of rucksacks to choose from today, so it can be easy to become confused when deciding just which bag you need for your hike.
Fortunately, this guide should allow you to choose the best backpack for your particular jaunt around the great outdoors.
What’s more, many of the rucksacks detailed below can be ordered with Springfield Camping and delivered the next working day – perfect if you are planning a trek in the very near future.


The main thing to remember about daypacks is that they are designed to carry only the essential equipment you need on a day-long hike. Think water bottles, extra layers of clothing and some food and you’ll be on the right track.
From a design perspective, the majority of daypacks are durable, comfortable to carry thanks to their compact size, and weather resistant – ideal for those winter walks then.
On top of this, daypacks are usually very easy to access. This is great, as you don’t want to be fumbling around for a bottle or a snack when your energy levels have become depleted from a trek.
Bumbags can be classed as the middle point between a standard backpack and a set of pockets on a pair of jeans or trousers.
Often worn around the waist, bumbags offer enough storage space to carry such essential hiking equipment as a camera, a first aid kit and a compass with ease. Some are even designed with separate compartments for carrying a water bottle in a secure manner.
However, the items are also very versatile. As a result, you shouldn’t feel weighed down when one of these bags is attached around your hips.
Hydration packs
You will need to slow down or even come to a complete halt every time you take a drink from a water bottle during a hike.
Purchase a hydration pack though and you can keep going for much longer. This is because these rucksacks have a sip tube that can be easy to reach with your mouth, entirely hands-free.
Furthermore, the fact that most hydration packs can be filled with two litres of water means that you will have more liquid than you would get in a regular water bottle.

Hopefully you have selected the most suitable rucksack for exploring the great outdoors. Before you leave for the trek though, have a look at our recent post on preparing for a winter walk to ensure your hike can be enjoyed without any fuss.

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