‘Where next?’ Scafells film reviews and poll

life of a mountain scafell pike lake district terry abraham
So….which hill next?

A week or so ago I completed editing for ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’. Even though the film is set to premiere at the Rheged Centre this coming Saturday, those who backed the film via Indiegogo received their digital copies before it’s public release. I promised folks the film would be finished by the end of April – and I didn’t let them down. It was close though! The past winter and consistently poor weather severely put me behind schedule while filming, but I managed to catch up and get the job done.

It’s been a somewhat nerve-wrecking time of late for me as more and more people get to see the completed documentary and begin to share their thoughts online. All such things are subjective of course, but the film has been such a personal and labour of love project for me, it’s hard to gauge what any one will think of it.

Along with the kind folks who backed me on Indiegogo, members of the press have been reviewing the film too. And it’s only now that the odd online review is coming through now, while others are due in the printed press in the coming days and weeks ahead.

I’m pleased to say the feedback and reviews so far has been excellent! I’m quite simply overjoyed the film has resonated with so many people and they’ve enjoyed it. Even respected peers in the world of video have got in touch to congratulate me which has been extremely humbling. Consequently, I don’t feel so nervous now for the film’s premiere later this week!

My Outdoors: “Half a century ago Alfred Wainwright set the standard for the written word on the Lake District and now through Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike Terry Abraham has set the standard for the 21st century in video format….this was his “baby” and his baby’s just come of age.”

UK Hillwalking: “…Abraham has pulled it off. The film explores hill going culture and hill farming traditions through a rich cast of characters. The Scafell massif is one of the most impressive chunks of upland scenery in Britain, and I’ve never seen it looking so majestic on film.”

Outdoors Magic: “There’s no denying it’s unashamedly sentimental…but it’s a true labour of love and the end result is breath taking. The original score matches the majestic scenery perfectly and, if you just allow yourself to be taken away by it, any lover of the mountains won’t fail to be seduced.”

Alex Roddie, writer of mountain fiction: “The opening titles and cinematography are absolutely spectacular. This is a film about more than just one mountain…it’s about the life of Wasdale and the Western Lakes. The theme of life underpins everything in this remarkable film.”

Andy Howell, blogger and contributor for The Great Outdoors Magazine: “Life of a Mountain is an extraordinary achievement….next Christmas the BBC should cancel the Countryfile Special and simply show this for two hours!”

I must add though, many folks have asked me if I’ll be doing similar again in the future. In truth I’m in no rush to take up such a challenge again any time soon. Producing the Scafells doc has been the most demanding work (on so many levels) I’ve ever undertaken. In retrospect it’s been just too much for one person to execute. I feel extremely lucky to have completed it! Besides, I need a rest and have to get back to doing my usual bread and butter work.

However, I am mindful of the future and am now considering which hill I should cover in a similar vein. I’m not entirely sure. My heart says one place but my head argues another!

Below is a poll for folks who visit here to place a vote and I’d appreciate if you’d give it some thought and help me decide. Again, I’d cover the mountain through the seasons with several characters tying things together and bringing the area to life. So, where next?

‘Life of a Mountain…..’ Where next?
Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)
Ben Nevis
Kinder Scout
Other (specify in comments below)
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