One night wonder – a camp up Blencathra

View south west from Blencathra

‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ had it’s premiere at the Rheged Centre the other week and the response to it was overwhelming. The whole evening went by in a blur for me. I was in a daze. Shocked at the laughs, cheers and tears as the film played. The extra screening the following day was just the same and again later in the week at the Keswick Mountain Festival (KMF).

I announced at both events that my next big project will be ‘Life of a Mountain: Helvellyn’ too – maybe the audience was biased being in Cumbria but there was applause and hushed screams of “Yes!” which was all rather humbling to say the least. I’m chuffed to bits the film has been so well received. It’s exceeded all my expectations. Alas, I won’t begin working on the year in the life idea for Helvellyn until later this year.

In between those two events and countless interviews I had to do with the press, I was desperate to head out on to the fells and take stock of the crazy world I found myself in with my wife and family.

The weather progressively improved and peaked with a scorching weekend at the KMF – so I quickly packed a tarp and bivvy and legged it up Blencathra. Back to where I belong, far from the maddening crowds and outdoors – home….

Scafells from Blencathra
The Scafells swamped by incoming cloud as seen from my camp up Blencathra

Keswick and Derwentwater
Keswick and Derwentwater as the day drew to a close.

wild camping blencathra rab siltarp 1 alpine bivi
Camp on Blencathra with the Rab SilTarp 1, Alpine bivi and Neutrino Endurance 200 down sleeping bag.
Keswick Mountain Festival
Backstage at the Keswick Mountain Festival as my Scafells film opens.
Terry Abraham and David Powell-Thompson
Yours truly and David Powell-Thompson in the beer tent at the KMF.
BMC Carey Davies
The BMC’s Carey and Suzanne with one of my framed prints on sale at the KMF.
Daniel from Hilleberg, who I had a catch-up and chat with. You can see the ‘new green’ on one of their tents behind him.
My mug on a beer mat promoting the KMF. Rather apt…I spent a lot of time in the local pubs during the KMF.
Alan Hinkes at the Keswick Mountain Festival
Alan Hinkes in his BMC Lakeland t-shirt and nomination for his book 8000m at the KMF.


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