VIDEO: Alan Hinkes OBE tackles Broad Stand on Scafell

One of the compliments I’ve received of late for my film ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ was how at ease and natural the people came across on camera – and I guess that’s a result of having become very good friends with all involved. It’s just friends chatting on video.

I’ll be the first to admit that many of those who feature in the documentary are heroes of mine. People I’ve always looked up to and admired from afar. So it’s been somewhat surreal when I’m sat in a pub enjoying a pint with them and talking ‘rubbish’. There’s been times I’ve had to pinch myself!

One gentleman I’ve become good friends with and enjoyed some top times together of late is the mountaineer, Alan Hinkes. Alan is very down to earth and what I’d call a ‘proper, proud Yorkshireman’. A spade is a spade. As polite as Hinkes is, jovial and fun – there’s no airs and graces with him despite his amazing achievements. And I admire him a great deal for that. He is human after all.

It’s his chapter in my film that Team Leader Mike Gullen from Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team approached me about, with the hope I could re-edit a scene featuring Hinkes attempting and turning back on Broad Stand – for them to show online and emphasise the need for care when ascending this potentially lethal route up Scafell.

The Lakeland Poet Samuel Coleridge made the first recorded descent of Broad Stand from Scafell in 1802. Alas nowadays it’s a notorious blackspot for Wasdale MRT and one they always dread being called out to.

I guess the hope is that those who are thinking of attempting Broad Stand may give it some second thoughts – especially fellwalkers and those who are ill-prepared and hoping to tackle if for the first time.

Needless to say, I’m only too happy to support Wasdale MRT and above is an abridged edit of Hinkes on Broad Stand taken from my film.


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