Scafells film wins award and it’s going on the BBC

scafell pike film award winner
Looking coy….which shocks some of my close friends who know me differently!

Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike is a masterpiece….scenes keep playing in my mind. It’s a wonderful, visually poetic romance; a love song to a mountain and it’s people. Congratulations on an amazing achievement.”

I’m pleased to reveal that my film ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ has won an award for excellence from the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild a couple of weeks ago. I’ll admit I was shocked and rather moved by the recognition – hence I appear rather coy in the above photo upon receiving a certificate, prize and praise from folks I’ve always looked up to and admired from afar in the outdoors media.

2014 has been a heck of a year for me in so many ways, words would fail to describe here on this humble blog. The Scafells film or “my baby” as is often quoted of me, really was a labour of love and long held ambition of mine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would resonate with so many people out there and be the success it has become.

And to top it all off, thanks to an accidental leak in the next issue of The Great Outdoors Magazine I’m compelled to reveal the news that the BBC will be screening an abridged edit of the film next year on TV and iPlayer!

It was while working on a recent video with Mark Richards that I kept receiving multiple annoying “withheld number” calls on my phone. Thinking it was the usual cold calling crap, I end up turning it off. It was only a couple of days or so later that I learnt it was the BBC in London trying to get hold of me. The rest as they say is history, and I’ll reveal more about that side of things in the coming weeks ahead. I had wanted to keep it quiet but these things happen I guess.

All said and done, a significant part of the film’s success comes down to those who feature in documentary – be it well known faces of the outdoors or local farmers and the public. A big thanks must go to my good friend Freddiehangoler who composed a fantastic score which really lifts it all to whole other level. There’s a long list of folks I could mention (least of all Eric and Annette Robson, David Powell-Thompson) whose support proved immense while I plodded up and down and around the Scafells for many months. Critically, it’s the sponsors and the public who backed me on Indiegogo financially I arguably owe the biggest heartfelt thanks.Without them, the film just never would’ve happened. Their faith and trust still touches me now.

The feedback I’ve received from the public after viewing the film has been overwhelming too. It gives me such a tremendous thrill to observe folk’s reactions to a personal project of mine about the beauty of an area close to my heart – let alone seeing the DVD on sale in countless shops dotted about the Northern England and other places down south.

tgo awards
Chris Townsend and myself at last years TGO Awards.

So where now? Well I’m currently finishing off some work at home for another week or so before heading to Kendal to attend The Great Outdoors Magazine Awards where I’ve been nominated in two categories. You can take a look and vote HERE

No point in clicking on me, I’m far from asking that. Vote for someone else instead. You may well recognise some fellow bloggers in there too! Give them a vote. I’ve hardly blogged much on here in recent months anyway. I’m just happy to have been nominated and am looking forward to the socialising aspect of it all in truth. I’ve had a fantastic 2014 and that will more than suffice for me. When it comes to the pub category though…..please consider voting for The Strands Inn and Brewery! An overlooked gem of a pub in Wasdale!

Terry Abraham and Alan Hinkes
In the pub supping ales the other week with Alan Hinkes.

After Kendal? I’ll be making my way to Helvellyn for several nights. The fell I’ve chosen as a sequel to the Scafells film. I just hope I can live up to the anticipation. I’m trying to ignore any outside influences and just follow my heart and instincts.

Alongside that work, I’ll be filming mountaineer Alan Hinkes this winter. We’re producing an hour long documentary together about his achievements, favourite places – an insight and honest look at the only Briton to have climbed all the world’s peaks over 8000m. Really looking forward to that, Alan’s a top bloke and we’re good mates. Should be a good craic.

Other than that, speak soon!


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