VIDEO: What does the BMC do for hill walkers?

Some months ago, I was asked by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) to produce a short video to give an insight into the work they do promoting and supporting hill walking. After all, by and large within the outdoors community they’re often seen to only support climbers – which isn’t the case at all.

Aware of this misperception, in 2013 the BMC unveiled TGO Magazine regular Carey Davies as their ‘Hill walking and Development Officer’ and legendary backpacker and author Chris Townsend as their ‘Hill Walking Ambassador’, the idea being to help raise awareness of the role the BMC plays for hill walkers.

While working on ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ it became apparent to me the efforts the BMC goes to which is often overlooked by the outdoors community.  They had contributed a significant sum to the National Trust’s and Fix The Fells coughers who were clearing unnecessary and misleading cairns while contending with footpath erosion at Calf Cove by Great End in the Lake District.

I’ve become good friends with the Fix The Fells team in the Lake District during recent months so it was a pleasure to hang out and film Richard Fox for the above video who along with the rest of the rangers work tirelessly in protecting the wonderful high ground of the national park. Much of their work goes unrecognized and some of it is heavily criticized too! Much of their work concerns the bigger picture in mind, be it the techniques and materials used dealing with footpath erosion or how they protect environmentally sensitive areas frequented by walkers. But more of that subject another time. I’m well aware that for some, their efforts aren’t appreciated. And unfairly so in my opinion – well, now I’m well aware of what they do and why, much of it behind the scenes. That will all come in another blogpost.

All said and done, the BMC works hard to support and work with groups like Fix The Fells and are always seeking new members, people who can have a democratic voice through the BMC ensuring much of what we take for granted is protected and much much more.

Carey Davies is making great strides I think with helping raise awareness of all the above, and you can get a glimpse of what he’s up to in the following post:

carey davies british mountaineering council
Carey while on shoot in Borrowdale, Lake District.

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