‘A Picture of Cumbria’ – BBC Radio Cumbria and Up for Arts

Yewbarrow Wasdale Lake District BBC Radio Cumbria
Yewbarrow and Wastwater – being transformed into a Painting by Numbers.

BBC Radio Cumbria & Up for Arts are setting out to kindle a passion for painting by creating a huge Paint by Numbers scene at an outside broadcast at Ulverston’s Coronation Hall, Cumbria.

Listeners can pick-up a brush and be a No.1 (Sky Blue) to a No22 (Burnt Sienna) and together create A Picture of Cumbria.

Artist Geoff Tristram has created the outline – the man behind all the Painting by Numbers for Reeves who once tried (and failed) to sneak Bakewell tarts into a copy of The Last Supper.

He’s traced a photograph kindly donated by Terry Abraham inspired by his mesmerising film ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’, for a classic slice of Lakeland beauty.

From 9am til 12pm on February 19th, Kevin Fernihough’s Mid-Morning Show will be inviting all-comers to reconnect with this battery-free pastime, meet local art groups and ask what art can do to revive communities.


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