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IMG_4156I’m a self-taught filmmaker and photographer with a passion and interest for the outdoors which is second to none. After being made redundant from a lowly IT role, I chased a dream which lead me to producing and directing the critically-acclaimed and BBC hit ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike – A Year in the Life of England’s Highest Peak’.

Growing up in rural Nottinghamshire I spent much of my youth exploring Sherwood Forest and working alongside my grandfather in the countryside. Often travelling to far flung scenic landscapes my grandfather proved to be a major influence in shaping my love and appreciation for the land we live in.

I spent many happy days out amongst the trees, birdwatching and seeking flora and fauna – often staying out overnight in a D.I.Y shelter; hence my interest in wild camping.

It’s only in recent years I’ve pursued my passion for the landscape in such an obsessive mann
er (due to a health scare), often over-ruling any other interest in my life – though my wife always comes first. Currently a suburbanite, perhaps it’s no surprise I feel that longing to be back out in the countryside.

There’s more to it than that, of course.

But it’s where my heart lies and always will.

All I hope to do with this tiny piece of the online world is share with you the sights and sounds I experience. Everyday life can be quite mundane at times and so through the mediums of written word, photography and film – I endeavour to bring you the joys I have from spending time out in the hills, woods and dales.

This place is not a knowledge base for gear, route planning or other source of information specifically; though I will happily share some of these from time to time as well as other related thoughts. I spend countless hours outdoors and regularly independently test and review kit for many brands. Given the nature of my main work, I’m often sought and commissioned to produce various images and video for marketing purposes; ranging from private clients, tourist bodies to tents and clothing manufacturers.

It’s not usual for me to be publicly credited for such projects but you’ll more than likely see my efforts in advertisements in the press, online or trade.

All said and done, this site is for all intents and purposes a source of inspiration. A place to make you smile and reminisce , even entertain through my developing skills in producing videos showcasing the great outdoors.
You can peruse some of my videos and photo’s via the following links: