TRAILER: ‘Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend’

It’s here! Finished at long last. Above you can enjoy the trailer for ‘Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend’. I’ve been busy working 20-22 hour shifts editing the DVD ready for it’s print run. I’m absolutely shattered. I appear to have aged 10 years in just a few days!

From the author of the bestselling ‘Backpacker’s Handbook’, renowned long-distance hiker Chris Townsend, comes ‘Backpacking in the Lake District’ an introductory guide to wild camping and multi-day hiking. Featuring dramatic landscape vistas, spectacular camp sites, advice on skills and gear this video will provide inspiration and encouragement and will be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans alike.

Produced and Directed by Terry Abraham
Presented by Chris Townsend
Music by Freddiehangoler, Soundgem Studios

In association with:
Terra Nova and Extremities



Filmed on location in the Lake District National Park, England.

Both ‘Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend’ and ‘The Lake District. Helvellyn with Mark Richards’ will be available to pre-order from mid-October via

The idea behind the DVD is to inspire newcomers to the delights of backpacking and wild camping but of course entertain veterans too. I hope the programme reflects both mine and Chris’ passion for the outdoors too.

We were keen to emphasise it’s not about the kit, gram counting and so on – it’s about enjoying the great outdoors where ever you are!
And I think we’ve struck the balance well. There is kit talk of course, it’s inevitable given the DVD’s subject matter. But I’ve tried to keep that to a minimum in the video. Partly because I didn’t want it to date easily, but also to keep pushing the message about enjoying the natural world which Chris inherently does so well and is deservedly renowned for.
The route Chris planned for the video was typical of him too. It’s essentially a circular walk around Borrowdale in the very heart of the Lake District National Park. It seeks the less trodden hills which still afford fantastic scenery along with a sense of wilderness. But always with the option to stay and camp high or head low to places like the little-visited valley of Langstrath.
In fact we planned on camping and filming in the latter, but due to some superb summer conditions we hiked the extra mileage and ascent to camp on High Raise instead. Plus knowing the Lakes well, I suggested it was a bad idea to do so at the time anyway. There was hardly a breeze, it was warm and humid – perfect conditions for the dreaded midge!
I do hope you enjoy the trailer and final video when it’s released too.
It will be available soon on DVD from Striding Edge and in digital HD from Steep Edge.
Now I’m off to enjoy a well earned break away. I’m heading to Wasdale this weekend to catch up with friends and sup some ales….

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