NEW VIDEO – Wild Camping Part Two

So, here we go – the next video in a planned trilogy of videos aimed at those who are considering taking up wild camping for the first time.
Where as the first part was a more thoughtful and general overview of spending nights out on the British hills (CLICK HERE), this next chapter concerns basic kit. Granted, it’s not an in-depth guide – that was never the intention. Kit choice in itself is a minefield and open to debate.

Here we are concerned with what kit and why for the uninitiated.
Perhaps again – the style of this video is a reflection of my character and enthusiasm for this hobby. I did not want to dwell on the ins and outs of gear. I wanted to inject a sense of drama, fun, impact and information.
A bullet-point overview of what to take and the experience involved. I’ve tried to capture this with the editing style, music and of course the conversation.
Many thanks again to Moonlightshadow – he definitely makes my job easier by being such a natural in front of the camera. And thanks must also go to Andy – who took up his first tentative steps to wild camping and enjoyed it thoroughly. I believe it was all he imagined but also a little surprised at the easy-going nature of it all.
There’s no rush. One can take it easy, relax and enjoy the scenery along with it’s ever changing moods and sounds.
For the first time, I’ve included an extra video concerning behind the scenes footage. It includes some scenes I wished to input into the final video but alas I had to cut due to running time constraints. At one point, the video’s duration was around the 30 minute mark!
I’m not keen on breaking the project down into parts for YouTube – however, it did encourage me to concentrate on what the goal of this video was meant to be – and so I’ve adjusted the subject accordingly.
It has been extremely time consuming and mentally draining putting this video together – so I do hope you enjoy it.
In the meantime, I’m going to take it easy and lay off the film-making for a while. Though, I do gain immense satisfaction from producing them, I shall now take the time to plan the final part. This final chapter will be a conclusion to Moonlightshadows journey taking up wild camping for the first time.
It will concentrate on where you go and why, where how you pitch matters and why  including the legalities of wild camping – reading maps and the land and so on. The final minutes will concern the beauty of the landscape and nature. So, for those who maybe seek it – that video could be summarised as thoughtful, inspiring and in one simple word – “beauty”.
Or at least I will endeavour for it to be so!
I’d also like to thank those who contributed to some feedback with the rough cut of the introduction. I think you’ll find I compromised in the end – keeping all sides happy including myself.
So, here we go!
Wild Camping Part Two – Basic Kit
Moonlightshadow has recently took up the hobby of wild camping. Here his thoughts on what are the bare essentials to make your trip a safe and comfortable one.

Behind the scenes of Wild Camping Part Two


13 Comments Add yours

  1. A great couple of videos there Terry, I especially enjoyed the second one with all those orders being barked at Andy and Moonlightshadow. What a relaxing way to spend a weekend!? The first minute of the first video is superb, exceptionally professional.


  2. Anonymous says:

    brilliant balance between information and showing the fun and freedom u get wild camping, really enjoyed both films, better than the sh1te on TV 😉 looking forward to part 3….t0m..


  3. Don Dawber says:

    Just couldn`t be better.
    Great balance of factual info, fun and wild scenery. Sitting here with a big smile on my face. MLS and Andy`s enthusiasm is contagious and you`ve caught it all beautifully. Congratulations – I think you can deservedly feel it was worth the effort and hard work. And so many great bits of music and just the right amount of “technique” in the film maker`s art displayed.
    Big thumbs up from me.


  4. EQUIPnTRIP says:

    I agree with all the above comments. Anonymous is right – more engaging and authentic than watching TV.

    In these last two posts and three videos you've exposed yourself to your audience which I've found quite engaging. I've also learned a fair bit from the experimentation you are undertaking.

    You have the ability to frame some beautiful shots. There are some examples of this in the Rough Cut video where you focused on some plants then changed the focus. Very nicely done.

    Credit also to your talent. Andy and Moonlightshadow looked pretty supportive of what you were doing. I expect it was your shout at the local pub on the way home.

    Well done, yet again Terry.

    Allan McDonald @


  5. Don Dawber says:

    ps – just to slightly alter my earlier comments – the only improvement that could be made for me would be that it was longer. Would love to see the 30 minute version – directors cut + extras on dvd would be ace!


  6. Anonymous says:

    His shout down the pub…? Not with the budget his missus give him for his trips 😉

    It's mainly his accent who make him sound a bit grumpy, he is a teddy bear otherwise



  7. terrybnd says:

    Thank you all for your very kind comments. I'm flattered and humbled to say the least. It's peculiar how some of you detect aspects of my personality revealing themselves through my videos. I see it now to an extent – it's a but un-nerving! LOL

    It's nice to share the experiences – of which I hope you find it interesting and to those who may aspire to wild camp – see that it's not as “scary” or difficult as they may sometimes perceive.

    @MLS – whats wrong with my accent? Wasn't aware I had one! LOL


  8. Martin Rye says:

    Great stuff Terry and well done for all the effort you put in to making the videos.


  9. Anonymous says:


    What software do you use. I use Sony Vagas which is pretty good.



  10. terrybnd says:

    Hi Rob,

    I use Vegas, Magix and Windows! They all have their pluses. But I mostly use Magix Movie Edit Pro – it's simple, quick and easy to use.

    For certain shots and effects then I'll use Vegas.



  11. swanscot says:

    What fun videos. If I hadn't been a wild camper for umpteen-dot years, these would have tempted me to give it a go!

    MLS and Andy are stars! They're so natural in front of the camera and they make it all seem such fun! Great editing and music!


  12. Anonymous says:

    great videos guys-very informative and great doses of humour!definitely i'm leaving this weekend!!!


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